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Borderlands: Mister Torgue’s Arena of Badassery Kickstarter

Monster Fight Club und Gearbox kickstarten ein Borderlands Brettspiel.

Die Kampagne:

Here’s what’s in the core game box:

  • 6x Vault Hunter and companion miniatures: Moze, Iron Bear, Mordecai, Bloodwing, Amara, Salvador
  • 39x Enemies: Psychoreaver, 2x Badass Psychos, 2x Goliaths, 2x Raging Goliaths, 4x Shotgun Tinks, 4x Suicide Psychos, 4x Adult Skags, 8x Marauders, 12x Psychos
  • 48-page rulebook with campaign
  • Over 80x Arena Hexes
  • A Pile of Tokens
  • Token Loot Bag
  • Base rings to represent alternate enemy profiles
  • Vault Hunter skill tree dashboards
  • Over 400 cards, including Vault Hunters, Enemies, Spotlight, Announcements, Events, Zed’s Meds, Ammo Dump, Torgue Legendary, and GUNS!
  • 10x [RE]action dice

True Badass Pledge

This is THE pledge. This pledge includes:

  • Mister Torgue’s Arena of Badassery board game (see contents above)
  • Skags at the Gates expansion
  • All unlocked applicable stretch goals.

(Please note that ALL components are considered „in progress“ until final approval and may undergo alterations and improvements before final release.)

Borderlands KS 1 Borderlands KS 2 Borderlands KS 3 Borderlands KS 4 Borderlands KS 5 Borderlands KS 6 Borderlands KS 7 Borderlands KS 8

Ahem. The Ravenous Wattle Gobbler Includes:

  •  4x miniatures: The Ravenous Wattle Gobbler, 3x Wattle Gobblets
  • Over 20 game cards including Wattle Gobbler boss announcements and events.
  • Digital PDF Scenario to battle the the Wattle Gobbler!

Pledge in the first 48 hours to receive this expansion FREE!

Borderlands KS 1.jpg

$45 Skags at the Gates: What is Pandora without skags? Skags at the Gates gives you a wealth of new gameplay options. Includes:

  •  15x miniatures: 1x Skagzilla, 2x Alpha Skags, 2x Spitter Skags, 4x Adult Skags, 6x Skag Pups,
  • Over 40 game cards, including Skagzilla boss announcements and events.
  • 40 New arena hexes,
  • Big Game Hunt campaign book.

(This expansion is included in the True Badass pledge.)

Borderlands KS 2.png

Borderlands KS 3.png Borderlands KS 4.jpg Borderlands KS 5.png

Stretch Goals:

Borderlands KS 6.png Borderlands KS 7.png Borderlands KS 8.png Borderlands KS 9.png Borderlands KS 10.png Borderlands KS 11.png Borderlands KS 12.png Borderlands KS 13.png Borderlands KS 14.png Borderlands KS 15.png Borderlands KS 16.png Borderlands KS 17.png Borderlands KS 18.png Borderlands KS 19.png Borderlands KS 20.jpg Borderlands KS 21.jpg Borderlands KS 22.jpg Borderlands KS 23.png Borderlands KS 24.jpg Borderlands KS 25.png Borderlands KS 26.png Borderlands KS 27.png


Erfolgreich finanziert – steht bei knapp 670.000 USD (ziel waren 80.000 USD)

Endet 23.12.2021 8:00 PM CET.

Link: Borderlands KS




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