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Slave 2 Gaming: MA.K Neuheiten

Slave 2 Gaming veröffentlicht die ersten Maschinenkrieger MA.K Neuheiten in 15mm.

Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 2 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 3 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 4 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 5 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 6 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 7 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 8 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 9 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 10 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 11 Slave 2 Gaming Maschinenkrieger MA.K In 15mm 1

Slave 2 Gaming – Maschinenkrieger MA.K in 15mm – je Set 13,50 AUD – ca, 9,00 EUR

G’day from the Slave Dungeon,
Welcome to another year, one that we are starting with a big release. From the brainchild of Sensei Kow Yokoyama, Slave 2 Gaming is proud to announce the release of Maschinen Krieger in 15mm.
This release is still fairly small with only 5 Units per Army, these being a testing of the waters for the Ma.K universe & a set point to planning for the future.
Before we go any further, there are a few people to thank for helping this to happen, however, I will keep it short. Kow Yokoyama (Creator of Maschinen Krieger), Scott Hards (Hobbylink Japan), Mike Broadbent (Sculpting, moulding & casting), Jayden Barr (Grand Scale Games), Kye Moran (Killing Prints).
The first cab off the ranks is the Independent Mercenary Army (IMA). We see 3 types of Armoured Fighting suits: AFS Mk 1, AFS Mk 2, Super Armoured Fighting Suit (SAFS).
We also see 2 different Walkers: the Jerry and the Goblin, the Goblin pack comes with both the Rotary Machine Gun and the Rocket Launcher attachments.
The Strahl Democratic Republic (SDR) also has 3 packs of Suits; the Konrad, Gustav & Heinrich.
The SDR 2 packs of Walker, these being the Krote & Pak Krote.
All the Suit packs have 6 various posed figures, while each Walker pack contains a single figure. All packs are A$13.50 and are cast in metal. We do have LIMITED STOCK with this release, but we can restock within a week, so we won’t have a stock level on the website.
Now, there have also been some questions about rules for the figures. At this time, we have put up links on the Slave 2 Gaming website to the 1980’s board game rules and our own house rule adaptation of these rules. We have also spoken to Robin Fitton to have cards made to use these figures to play Gruntz.
Our own plans to make an official Maschinen Krieger in 15mm will be based around how well the range does.
That’s a about all for now, you can check out these new releases plus all our other products at

In 2807, Fifty-two years after World War IV, the Galactic Federation sends a research team to Earth, discovering that the planet’s natural environment has restored itself. Colonists are sent to the surface.

Civilization is eventually reformed over the next 20 years, attracting the attention of criminals and other lawless elements, Local militia try to protect the colonists but are often defeated. The Federation gives the Strahl Democratic Republic (SDR) the right to govern the planet in the late 2870s.

The SDR sends three police battalions and three Foreign Legion corps to Earth using force to restore order, creating resentment amongst the colonists. In response, the colonists create the Earth Independent Provisional Government and declare their independence from the SDR. The SDR immediately establishes a puppet government in an attempt to quell the uprising.

Tension grows and mercenary assistance is gained, descendants of WWIV veterans, forming the Independent Mercenary Army (IMA), which is bolstered by SDR Foreign Legion defectors. They engage the SDR forces and the battle to control Earth begins in 2882.

Over the next four years, the SDR and IMA engage each other at multiple locations worldwide. The war turns up a notch in June 2883 when the IMA deploys a new weapon – the Armored Fighting Suit powered armor – to devastating effect. The SDR eventually builds their own AFS units.

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  • Leider nicht ganz das was ich mir gewünscht hätte.
    Selbst für MAK und den Maßstab etwas zu „old school“.

    Gefühlt 10Jahre hinter den technischen Möglichkeiten

    • Das selbe hab ich mir auch gedacht. Was ditigal möglich ist zeigen die vielen Mechs die draussen herumschwirren. Bin gerade dabei mir ein paar zu drucken und Battletech mal mit meinem Sohn zu probieren.

  • Ich bin als langjähriger MA.K Fan wirklich enttäuscht…
    leider lebt das Setting – verkörpert durch die genialen Bausätze – von Details und gutem Artwork… das sollte auch in 15mm kein Problem sein. Das Design ist da – nur die Umsetzung ist eher mähhhhh….
    meine Hoffnung das als Truppe in Gruntz einzusetzen wird sich so nicht erfüllen. Der Old-School-Look ist nicht meins

  • Ich will das toll finden… aber es klappt nicht. Vielleicht ist die Bemalung auch einfach nur sehr schlecht…

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