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Bad Squiddo: Ellie the Teenage Witch

Ellie die Teenager-Hexe – neu von Bad Squiddo Games.

Bad Squiddo  Ellie The Teenage Witch

Bad Squiddo –  Ellie the Teenage Witch

Ellie can usually be found near the library teaching herself more and more spells, as well as figuring out her own unique brand of them.
Her companion owl „Jack“ you would expect to have some sort of magical qualities, but he really doesn’t, he’s a cute pet that loves head pats (who doesn’t).
She wields her wand with the grace of a fencer. It’s an unusual style but works well for grip and… ok it looks cool. What sort of witch doesn’t want to look cool? HANG ON DO THOSE GLASSES EVEN HAVE LENSES IN THEM?
Sculpted by the wonderful Heriberto Valle Martinez

Quelle: Bad Squiddo Games


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