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Slave 2 Gaming: Grim Fantasy Regelbuch

Slave 2 Gaming haben das Regelbuch für ihr 15mm System Grim Fantasy veröffentlicht.

Grim Fantasy Rulebook Slave2Gaming

The game of Grim Fantasy is a fantasy skirmish wargame between two or more players, with games of up to four players working quite well. The game is set in a dark fairy-tale world that is inspired by European lore as transported to colonies in a New World.


Quick synopsis:

Set in the Village of Armbraid, the Pilgrims that have come from the Old Word are discovering that their new home is not as safe as they thought it would be. Creatures from the Great Woods raid their small village, wreaking havoc when they come.

Nearby are the Natives are friendly, but wary. Some say that they know the land and what it can do.

The land appears to be strange and changes both people and objects, some say that even the Scarecrows move around at night…

Auf insgesamt 41 Seiten findet man alle Regeln um im 15mm Maßstab euer neues Zuhause zu verteidigen.

Das Regelbuch ist als PDF bei Wargamevault erhältlich und kostet 5,00 USD.

Link: Wargamevault


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