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Privateer Press: Warmachine Neuheiten

Privateer Press präsentieren Neuheiten Warmachine.

Privateer Press Neuheiten MaiPrivateer Press Neuheiten Mai2

Slaughterhouse – Grymkin Gargantuan – 99,99 USD

Grymkin are not attracted to just wicked souls, but sometimes wicked places as well. Homes and residences that have seen unspeakable acts of cruelty or violence can attract gremlins like moths to a flame. As more gremlins arrive to the growing celebration of debauchery, the residual malevolence of the acts performed within the house begins to solidify, coagulating within the walls.

Should the gremlin gala remain unchecked for too long, the house will finally spring to “life”, animated and sentient. A slaughterhouse uproots itself from its foundations, carried across the terrain by an ever flowing tide of grave dirt and corpses. Hungry and malicious, the slaughterhouse seeks out individuals who perform the same acts that took place within its walls, dragging these deserving souls into its hungry maw to meet their grisly demise.

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Failed Experiments – Crucible Guard Unit – 49,99 USD

Alchemy can be a messy art, a fact known better by the Golden Crucible than many other scientists of the Iron Kingdoms. One does not simply turn lead into gold without a few accidents along the way. The Crucible Guard is not shy when it comes to human experimentation, which has led to several messy “failures” over the years.

Not every failed human experiment is disintegrated in the process or reduced to a sentient mass of quivering flesh. Some failed experiments grow bestial, monstrous, and highly effective at causing destruction among the enemy ranks. Like faithful canines, these failed experiments are given simple commands and sent howling at the foes of the Crucible Guard where they will cause unimaginable havoc. Whether they live or die in the process is irrelevant, as this secondary experiment is almost always a smashing success.

Failed Experiments are a unit of melee monsters for the Crucible Guard. Their primary focus is to get to the enemy as quickly as possible, then rip and tear them apart. Players can adjust several stats of the Failed Experiments each turn with their Chemical Imbalance rule, allowing the player to make the unit faster, stronger, or more accurate turn to turn. Once the Experiments engage, their multiple vicious melee attacks and Chain Attack: Smite will cause a great deal of damage. Warcasters that can further amplify this unit’s base stats and hitting power, such as Aurum Adeptus Syvestro (PIP 37002) or Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart (PIP 37015), work excellently with the Failed Experiments.

Privateer Press Neuheiten Mai 4

Ascendant Mentalist – Crucible Guard Trancer Solo – 19,99 USD

Trancers are traditionally short-lived individuals, as the powerful alchemical concoctions that grant them their psychokinetic powers tend to destroy their bodies rapidly and without remorse. This destructive cycle is not without anomalies, however, as some can withstand the chemical degeneration indefinitely. These lucky souls become fierce psychic combatants, unlocking mental feats of strength a traditional trancer simply doesn’t have the time to master.

The Ascendant Mentalist is a powerful support solo that uses its psychic abilities to protect friendly Crucible Guard models from ranged attacks and even enemy charges. Additionally, the combat capabilities of the Mentalist are different than that of a traditional Trancer. Whereas a normal Trancer wants to engage the enemy in melee quickly, the Mentalist can hang back and damage multiple enemies at once with its Psychic Assault spray attack.



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  • Auch wenn der Preis echt richtig happig ist (bei Colossals aber leider normal) habe ich mir meins vorbestellt. Nicht dass ich Grymkin spielen würde, aber ich finde das Modell einfach…geil

  • Die failed Experiments, sind die aus Metal?
    Könnte die für was anderes eventuell gut gebrauchen.

    • „Metal & Resin“ Gibt PP auf der Website an.
      Was ich zuletzt gesehen habe war oft der Hauptkörper der Mini aus Resin und dann manche klein/anbauteile aus Metall. (Gewehrarm in Metall oder sowas)

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