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Perry Miniatures: Österreichische Husaren

Bei Perry Miniatures gibt es neue Husaren zu rekrutieren. 100% Plastik.

Perry Austrianhussar 01 Perry Austrianhussar 02 Perry Austrianhussar 03 Perry Austrianhussar 04 Perry Austrianhussar 05 Perry Austrianhussar 06 Perry Austrianhussar 07 Perry Austrianhussar 08 Perry Austrianhussar 09 Perry Austrianhussar 10 Perry Austrianhussar 11 Perry Austrianhussar 12 Perry Austrianhussar 13 Perry Austrianhussar 14 Perry Austrianhussar 15

Austrian Napoleonic Hussars are NOW AVAILABLE!
We are pleased to announce these are now available; the pre-orders will be going out tomorrow. Thanks to Renedra for getting these out in trying times!
We also just got back a few more amazing painted examples of them from Francesco Thau and are showing them along with John Morris’s and the Stephan Huber’s fantastic painted figures too (which were shown last time). Alan has painted a unit and tried a little magic with Photoshop to expand them into a near full sized squadron (94 figures in the picture).
Austrian Napoleonic Hussars 1805-15
28mm hard plastic set
Designed by Alan Perry
They were universal troops, used for all duties; scouting, skirmishing as well as in the main line of battle. All the figures in this set can be assembled in full or campaign dress, and either at full charge, sword shouldered or attacking.
Set contains 14 cavalrymen, painting guide and bases.
These are now available on the website.
Remember if you buy 3 sets direct from us you’ll receive a free metal Cavalry General.

Eine Box mit 14 Modellen kostet 20,00 GBP.

Quelle: Perry Miniatures auf Facebook


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