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Perry Miniatures: Neuheiten

Perry Miniatures haben einen ersten Schwung der sächsichen Armee 1806 – 1809 neu im Shop.

Perry Saxon1806 01 Perry Saxon1806 02 Perry Saxon1806 03 Perry Saxon1806 04 Perry Saxon1806 05 Perry Saxon1806 06 Perry Saxon1806 07 Perry Saxon1806 08 Perry Saxon1806 09 Perry Saxon1806 10 Perry Saxon1806 11 Perry Saxon1806 12 Perry Saxon1806 13 Perry Saxon1806 14 Perry Saxon1806 15 Perry Saxon1806 16 Perry Saxon1806 17 Perry Saxon1806 18

The Saxon Army 1806-09
These were going to be released before Christmas, but as we were too busy.
So here are the first twelve codes, all for the 1806 army; the next batch will be for the 1809 army, which looked markedly different. During the 1806 campaign the Saxon infantry actually fought in the ‘Kittel’, a grey, linen overcoat without facings worn over the dress coat (in much the same way as the hunting shirt was in the Continental Army). When this was worn by grenadiers, they also covered their handsome fur caps in oilskins. This could be a quick army to paint if you go with the ‘Kittel’, but realizing you may prefer a more colourful army, Alan has designed them in full dress for 1806 too.
The Prussian model musket was designed with a larger hole to the pan so was primed from the muzzle, rather than the pan; hence you’ll notice the musket drill on some figures is the same as the Prussians, which is a little different from other armies.
I’d like to thank Hans-Karl Weiss again for all his help with research on both the Prussian and Saxon armies. Many thanks to the talented painters too!
Grahame Black of GMB Designs has also kindly restarted work on the Saxon flags for the 1806-09 Army which should be available soon, keep an eye on his website!
Saxon Army 1806-09
28mm metal figures designed by Alan Perry
SAX 1 Musketeer command, marching, full dress 1806
SAX 2 Musketeers marching, full dress 1806
SAX 3 Grenadier command marching, full dress 1806
SAX 4 Grenadiers marching, full dress 1806
SAX 5 Schützen skirmishing, full dress 1806
SAX 6 Musketeer command marching, campaign dress (kittel) 1806
SAX 7 Musketeers marching, campaign dress (kittel) 1806
SAX 8 Musketeers marching, campaign dress (kittel and overalls) 1806
SAX 9 Grenadier command marching, campaign dress (kittel) 1806
SAX 10 Grenadiers marching, campaign dress (kittel) 1806
SAX 11 Grenadiers marching, campaign dress (kittel and overalls) 1806
SAX 12 Schützen , skirmishing, campaign dress (kittel) 1806

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