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Monsterpocalypse: Ancient Ones

Privateer Press zeigen eine neue Fraktion für MonPoc.

PiP Monsterpocalypse Ancient Ones 1

King of Camazotz – Ancient Ones Monster (metal/resin) – $34.99

In the beginning, life was harsh. The world was cruel. And deep within the heart of the Death Lands, the city of Camazotz arose, its people praying hopelessly for deliverance from this harsh climate, but their human sacrifices went unanswered. Desperate to save his people, the king made a pilgrimage into the most forbidden parts of the jungle. There, he found an ancient shrine, inscribed with images of a priest drinking blood from the altar and acquiring the power of a god. So, the king sacrificed his honor guard on that altar, and from it drew dark power that transformed him to gigantic proportions with an evil and twisted bat-like face. When the King of Camazotz returned to his people he found them playing ōllamalitzli, and their blood sport inspired him: he would make destroying the cities of Xolotl his people’s game. When the people of Camazotz saw their massive and terrifying king, they fell to their knees and worshiped him. He answered their prayers by granting them the power to match the darkness in their hearts.

TRADE POINTS:The King of Camazotz is a monster with a focus on mobility and damage that can join any Destroyers force. To Camazotz, the battle is just a Blood Sport. Each exchange is a chance for him to prove his dominance with an Onslaught of attacks—Camazotz will sprint into action and use his body as a Battering Ram to topple buildings and send the enemy flying. This mountain of muscle and fangs is sure to strike fear into anyone he faces.

PiP Monsterpocalypse Ancient Ones 2

Skull Bats & Skull Keeper – Ancient Ones Unit (metal) – $25.99

When Camazotz empowered his people, those with the darkest and most bloodthirsty natures became skull bats, attracted to the scent of blood. They collect the skulls of fallen enemies to bring their souls back to Camazotz. By contrast, skull keepers are Camazotz’s spies and scouts. They are his followers with the most cunning and malicious hearts. Together, the skull bats and skull keepers create a terrifying team.

TRADE POINTS:Skull Bats are death from above—their ability to Abduct helps the Ancient Ones clear key positions and remove pesky enemies. They’re perfect Sidekicks for Camaztoz. The Skull Keepers can use their Shadows ability to bring an allied unit to their position and then use their Death Gate ability to move an allied unit farther up the field.

PiP Monsterpocalypse Ancient Ones 3

Jaguar Spirits & Arbiter Monoliths – First Guardians Unit (metal) – $25.99

After the first clash with The Ancient Ones, the Master of Xolotl crafted arbiter monoliths and placed them on ley lines of power across his land. These arbiters acted as fonts of power for his people. Each day, the warriors of the nation would gather before their arbiter monoliths and draw out their inner spirits. Those with the most noble and courageous hearts would become jaguar spirits, mighty warriors with the speed and strength of a jaguar and the keen intellect of a human. These First Guardians stand ready for the next Ancient Ones invasion.

TRADE POINTS:Jaguar Spirits are the front-line troops of the First Guardians. Their ability to Flash to nearby positions helps them contribute to the fight and still be relevant elsewhere. When they absolutely need to get it done, they are a Power Hitter the enemy won’t soon forget. Arbiter Monoliths are a utility piece that can Amplify power zones and cross the board using the network of unseen Ley Lines they can tap into.

Die First Guardians bekommen auch noch ein Monster, für das es aber kein Bild gibt.

Master of Xolotl – First Guardians Monster (metal/resin) – $34.99

At the dawn of civilization, mankind was its most fragile—a single flood or drought could erase a civilization from the map. People prayed to the sky for favorable seasons. Xolotl, Master of the domain between heaven and earth, heard their prayers, and to honor their Master they named their land after him. The great winged serpent sent them rain to water the crops in the spring and the clouds to shade livestock in the summer. But it was under the blood moon of a lunar eclipse when the King of Camazotz first struck the land of Xolotl. Cities crumbled to the Ancient One’s siege. Awakened by the cries of his people, the Master rushed down from the clouds. He saw the people he had not favored found their own patron to worship. Camazotz fell upon Xototl, and their clash shook the world. To ensure their survival, Xototl invigorated his people with his strength and reshaped them into First Guardians, who turned the tide against Camazotz and his Ancient Ones. When the lunar eclipse was over, Camazotz and the Ancient Ones receded back into the Death Lands…for now. The Master of Xolotl knew he would need allies if his people were to survive the oncoming apocalypse when Camazota returned.

TRADE POINTS:The Master of Xolotl is a monster with a focus on power and control that can join any Protectors force. Xolotl can Invigorate his allies to hit his enemies, and when the situation calls for it, he can Reshape his units to better suit his needs. Their Offering stirs him to action, and in the end, there is nowhere to hide the Master of Xolotl can’t drag his enemies from.

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