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Miniature Scenery: U-Boot Fortschritte

Bei Miniature Scenery wird weiter am U-Boot gebaut.

MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 1 MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 2 MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 3 MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 4 MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 5

Let’s build a U-boat. yadda yadda yadda…

Some of the smaller details and/or some of the details on some of the parts are perhaps not best served by the given materials . MDF and cardboard, for example, don’t make for the greatest pair of 1/56 scale targeting binoculars or shapely periscopes. So I’m going to create some 3D printable alternatives for some of the more detailed parts of the kit.
I’m starting with the most obvious, the 88mm deck gun. The kit will come with parts for a reasonable representation which many folks will be perfectly happy with. Those of you with a hankering for a little more finesse and access to a resin 3D printer will be able to opt for the downloadable STL files.
The real Deck gun is a very complex maze of wheels and pipes and handles and levers which are probably a little too fine for a gaming miniature. So, I’m going to simplify things a bit, and thicken some bits for added strength and ease of assembly. The picture shows an
unfinished version, there a few more details to add, but it should be fine for a try-out. Hopefully it will not look too much like a sad demented spider when printed.

I guess we’ll know in about 5 hours…….

MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 6 MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 7 MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 8 MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 9 MS Miniature Scenery U Boot Fortschritte 10

Let’s build a U-boat. Part 12.

More test builds and some small changes.
We have front bits! All assembled in a fairly fuss free manner, and the side panels fit even more easily than I’d hoped. Literally spot on. except of course, I have to be a fussy b*stard.
The slight flat spot in the saddle tanks was bugging me and gave the optical illusion of a very slight inward bend. So changes. All new side panels. Changed most of the supporting ribs. Just a little, but changed nonetheless. Anyhoo, much happier now.
Photo’s also show the 3D printed deck gun in place along with the ready use ammunition storage locker, which I thought would be a fun addition.

Also considering creating a dock for this thing with cargo and cranes and wotnot. should be a fairly simple affair as U-boat pens were uncomplicated lumps of concrete. will probably use some artistic license to keep it interesting.

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