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Knuckleduster Miniatures: Neuheiten

Knuckleduster Miniatures präsentieren ihre Neuheiten auf Facebook.

Knuckleduster Miniatures Mounted Spectacular Seven1

Knuckleduster Miniatures – Buckshot Roberts – 5,00 USD

Buckshot Roberts from the Lincoln County War.
Supplied unpainted. MDF slotta base included. Lead-Free Pewter
Contemporary (large) 28mm scale. Matches today’s more generously-proportioned „28mm“ figures (ex. Dead Man’s Hand).
Knuckleduster Miniatures Mounted Spectacular Seven2

Knuckleduster Miniatures – Mounted Spectacular Seven

Tomorrow’s release!
This is a very important release for me, because we were knocked off the rails by a printer malfunction that required shipping it to the company for repair (my compliments to Envisiontec’s engineers who did a spectacular job refurbishing the machine), a Kickstarter that took a lot of my attention, and some headaches mastering the figures. Now we’re back in the saddle and I look forward to getting back on a normal release schedule.
It should be in the cart by the end of the day tomorrow!

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