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Killwager: Kickstarter Ankündigung

Das System „Killwager“, das den ultramodernen und near-Future Bereich abdeckt, kommt bald zu Kickstarter.

Killwager Kickstarter Ankündigung 1

Killwager – Kickstarter Ankündigung

Tell your friends because we’re coming in hot with multiple pledge levels. DIGITAL and PHYSICAL releases. Stretch goals that will make you say 11ft tall piloted mech suit and MUCH more!
Look for KILLWAGER the Tactical Combat System coming to KICKSTARTER September 16th and prepare for your „Clench“ Checks!
Killwager Kickstarter Ankündigung 2
Due to UN law MANTICOR are forced to stay in near orbit and are restricted to assigned security missions. This of course means the Russian Federation backed private security company excels at brutal micro gravity and zero gravity direct actions.
Follow us on KICKSTARTER DROPPING SEPTEMBER 16th to get your MANTICOR Mercbox
Killwager Kickstarter Ankündigung 3
Check out our two new battle reports.
Featuring simplified activations, medical system, and the EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES game mode which creates multiple variables for each game.
For more tactical gameplay, information tracking, and individualized loadouts. This battle report features some NEAR FUTURE COMBAT and explanations!

Link: Killwager FB

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