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Infinity: November Previews

Corvus Belli zeigt Previews der nächsten Veröffentlichungen.

Ariadna Beast Pack:

55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 1 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 2

There are numerous stories, legends of the Ariadnan border, that speak of omerzeniye—“aberrations” in Russian—such as wild bearpodes: Antipode-bear hybrids, even larger and more brutal than the golden bears that some tribes use as beastly war machines. And if that atrocious planet has created the Dog-Warriors, why would it not create bearpodes, which are hybrids of human, Antipode, and bear?

Padre-Inquisidor Mendoza (MULTI Rifle):

55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 3 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 4 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 5 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 6

Armies: PanOceania / Military Orders

Father-Inquisitor Mendoza, the crusader of the Faith, the flame of the Lord punishing with His fire the wicked and the damned; the terror of those who harbor evil in their hearts; the nightmare of betrayers and impious souls; the soldier of God who is always righteous, for he bears Jesus Christ in his heart and his task is just and necessary; the champion of the HexaDome and of the Paradiso front; the grand defender of the Cross and of the Holy Church who has put his life on the line hundreds of times for all our sakes and has delivered the Sphere from the worst evils it has ever had to face—this is Mendoza, the Flame of Truth.

Varangian Guard (Submachine Gun):

55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 7 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 8 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 9 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 10

Armies: Ariadna / Kosmoflot / White Company / O-12 / Starmada

The Varangians have made a place for themselves among the elite mercenaries of the Human Sphere. Because even though they wear uniforms and carry more modern weapons than any of their fellow countrymen, the Varangians remain crazed Ariadnans who fear nothing.

Saladin, O-12 Liaison Officer (Combi Rifle):

55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 11 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 12 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 13 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 14

Armies: Haqqislam /O-12 /Starmada

After all these years loyally serving Haqqislam, people seem to have forgotten that Saladin was loaned by ALEPH via O-12 to the Bourak authorities. The Recreation was the liaison officer of the Bureau Aegis with the Haqqislamite High Command, but his personal involvement with his adoptive nation and his worth as a strategic planner would make him fully integrate into the Haqqislamite command ranks, his remaining role as a liaison with the Bureau relegated to the background.

Nomads Remotes Pack:

55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 15 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 16 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 17 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 18 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 19

Armies: Nomads / Bakunin / Corregidor / Tunguska

Nomads have a long, upstanding tradition of Remote use in military and civilian settings. Corregidor has perfected Remote technology as applied to ship maintenance and EVA tasks. Bakunin engineers make liberal use of Remotes to crash-test new technologies and interfaces, and only bother to find military or commercial applications for the ones that survive the process. The vibrant hacker scene of Tunguska values Remotes as an untraceable method of deployment for support hardware.

112, Emergency Service (Motorized) (CC Weapon):

55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 21 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 22

In border territories, the emergency services, like the bars and the brothels, work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In Ariadna, to be a part of the Emergency Services is voluntary and purely vocational. The Service is hard and involves going out to work in conditions that are so bad that others stay safely behind at the base. It means answering distress signals at any hour, in the middle of storms, snow-drifts, or Antipode attacks. But none of this matters, because its duty is to save lives. The 112’s are the last hope of the colonist lost in the woods, of the mining operation isolated by the snow, of the farm in flames, the wounded of a caravan assaulted by brigands… They train as field doctors, but also as firemen and trackers. The toughness of the Ariadnan frontiers has forced them to turn the 112 into a paramilitary unit in order to guarantee real response capabilities in case of emergencies. Although they are not considered combat troops, they collaborate with the Ariadnan army as an auxiliary rescue and medical attention force. Getting involved in the battle is not something that the members of the Emergency Services care much about: like all of the men and women of the Ariadnan border, the 112 have learned to handle weapons to defend themselves during Antipode attacks. Cooperating in combat operations means one more opportunity to help, and also to destroy things with their axes and clubs

40mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series:

55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 23 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 24

55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series:

55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 23 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series 24

Quelle: Corvus Belli

Infinity ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-In, Fantasywelt, Minyarts und Taschengelddieb erhältlich.

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  • Gut, dass ich gerade wieder anfange, mich für Infinity zu interessieren. Mendoza finde ich mal ziemlich schick.

    • Wichtig! Sollte auf jeden Fall in Zukunft bei den Releases dabei stehen, da ja nun durchaus öfter Siocast eingesetzt werden soll.

  • Auch wenn es mir deutlich zuviele Schwerter in Infinity gibt, Mendoza ist mal wieder eine richtig coole Mini!

  • Die Brustpanzerung beim Bären sieht leider total dämlich aus.
    Daher wird der Bär einer der ersten Ariadna-Modelle der letzten Monate sein, das ich mir nicht kaufen werde. Vlt überzeugt mich eine Promo-Bemalung noch vom Gegenteil, aber ich bezweifle das ziemlich

  • Irgendwas stimmt nicht mit Saladin… moment… kein Tactical Rock!!! OMG, total hässlich #unspielbar #boycottInfinity

    Das war satirisch gemeint, nur für den Fall. Sind aber wieder sehr hübsche Minis geworden wobei die gefletschten Zähne der Varangian Guard bei sicher etwas tricky sind wenn nicht comichaft oder wie ein rufender Mund aussehen soll. Saladins Pose passt gut zum Charakter und ist eine angenehme Abwechslung zur sonst etwas zuuu dynamischen Gestaltung der letzten Zeit

  • Also Goldlöckchen und der Bär sind sowas von gekauft.. Mag diese Märchenanspielungen recht gerne, wie ja auch bei Mirage 5. Ich hab meinen Vorredner recht das der Brustpanzer des Bärpode nicht optimal ist, aber ich hoffe das ich da bei der Bemalung was rausholen kann.

  • Die 55mm Bases haben das falsche (das der 40mm) Bild.

    Zu den Püppies gefallen mir durchaus alle.

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