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Imperial Terrain: Cantina

Imperial Terrain veröffentlicht STLs für die Sci Fi Cantina.

Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 2 Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 3 Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 4 Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 5 Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 6 Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 7 Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 8 Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 9 Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 1

Imperial Terrain – Sci-Fi Cantina by Jesús – STL – 20,00 USD

Our first release of a Modular Sci Fi Cantina STL file set from the Terrain Machine, designed by Jesús Labiano. This set of wargaming files comes from „The Cantina“ theme that is designed for 32mm scale wargaming.

The Cantina is highly modular due to its circular design. A single Cantina building is made up of 4x Quarter pie-shaped sections letting you mix and match a ton of different cantina combinations!

Our Kickstarter backers are already using this terrain for Star Wars: Legion and Sci-Fi RPGs.

We took the most popular selection of models from the Terrain Machine custom terrain application and used those selections to make these designs. These designs are incredibly modular and allow for different configurations between games. Many options are available to print for Doors and Windows to change the „state“ of the buildings.


  • All Roof Sections are swappable/interchangeable
  • All Wall Sections are swappable/interchangeable

File set includes:

  • 8x „Quarter“ Wall Sections
  • 2x Interior Doors
  • 4x Exterior Doors
  • 3x Awnings
  • 8x „Quarter“ Roof Sections
  • 5x Antennas
  • 4x DROIDS! – Droids are not pre-supported, we recommend printing them on Resin printers

Außerdem wird das Marin City Thema bald in der Terrain Machine verfügbar.

Imperial Terrain  Sci Fi Cantina 20

Link: Imperial Terrain

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