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Dropzone Commander: Kalium Kabal

Die neue Subfraktion der Resistance bekommt eigene Bodentruppen.

Mit der Kalium Kabal hält ein neuer, sauberer Look Einzug bei der Resistance.

TTC Kalium AA Gun Wagons 1 TTC Kalium AA Gun Wagons 2 TTC Kalium AA Gun Wagons 3 TTC Kalium AA Gun Wagons 4

Kalium AA Gun Wagons – Regular price £12.00

The K37 Armoured Truck is a low-tier, high volume government unit with a universal traversable turret mount. Kalium equips law enforcement marks with water cannons, teargas launchers and sonic incapacitators. Battlefield versions mount AA guns, and flamethrowers.

AA Gun Wagons are one of the most popular Standard choices in a Resistance army. The Kalium version uses the exact same rules, but swaps out the scrappy look with an angular military style that screams „I’m from a brutal dictatorship“.

Able to be armed with either AA gun or flamethrowers to make the Exotic choice Flame Wagons, these Wagons are hardy and versatile.

Contains 3 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to make all as either AA Gun Wagons or Flame Wagons.

TTC Kalium Battle Buses 1 TTC Kalium Battle Buses 2 TTC Kalium Battle Buses 3 TTC Kalium Battle Buses 4 TTC Kalium Battle Buses 5

Kalium Battle Buses – Regular price £12.00

Kalium’s K80 was originally designed to get Pacification Platoons to urban flashpoints. The Kabal’s military also appreciate its value, given its firing points, resilience and low cost. Battlefield K80’s may include missiles or guns, while self-driving versions are much abused supply workhorses – end of life examples are repurposed by packing them with explosives to become bombs on wheels, being cheaper and more destructive than the scrapheap.

Kalium forces often utilise a lot of infantry – life is cheap on Kalium, and when you’re spending an overblown military budget on pre-invasion, excessive transports, you want them to be full up! The Kalium Battle Bus (or its more destructive cousin the Remote Bomb Bus) uses the exact same rules as the regular version, but swaps out the bolted-on armour panels for a totalitarian style design, fully equipped for brutal battles.

Contains 2 resin miniatures with the choices to make both as Battle Buses or Remote Bomb Buses. Also contains parts to upgrade the Battle Buses with Rocket Launcher Batteries or Heavy Machine Gun Batteries.

TTC Kalium Jacksons 1 TTC Kalium Jacksons 2 TTC Kalium Jacksons 3

Kalium Jacksons – Regular price £12.00

Based on the chassis of the pre-war Jackson, the KA90 Frontline Halftrack is a Kalium development from the colossal Aspire City Tank Factory. Matching the Jackson’s off-road capability and 10-man capacity, the KA90 is considerably cheaper though less rugged. Thicker compo-polymer plate armour replaces the Jackon’s moulded steel, stampings replace milled parts where possible and a simpler grenade launcher is fitted.

The Jackson is the ubiquitous transport for Resistance. Smaller than the large APCs of other races, the Jackson makes up for that in reliability, cost-effectiveness, and by looking super great. The Kalium version of the Jackson uses all the same rules as its cousins, but really emphasises the military look.

Contains 3 single-piece resin miniatures.

TTC Kalium Rocket Technicals 1 TTC Kalium Rocket Technicals 2 TTC Kalium Rocket Technicals 3 TTC Kalium Rocket Technicals 4

Kalium Rocket Technicals – Regular price £12.00

The K12 Combat Utility Vehicle – known by Kalium troops as the ‚Kuv‘ – is armoured, car-sized and packs a roof rack turret for an anti-armour missile launcher or AA-capable heavy machinegun. For the average Kalium citizen, the K12’s blocky silhouette is a perpetually visible symbol of the Kabal’s iron grip.

Fleets of Rocket Technicals are a common sight to Resistance players, as they’re cheap in points and can combine their fire together to become more worthy opponents than their looks suggest. The Kalium version of the Technical shares the exact same rules as the regular version, but has a strict military look fitting for the Kabal.

This set also contains parts to make AA Gun Technicals. In one set you’ve got either an overwhelming Standard choice or a rapid Scout choice able to provide blanket AA cover at a moment’s notice.

Contains 6 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to make all as either Rocket Technicals or AA Gun Technicals.

TTC Kalium Storm Artillery Wagons 1 TTC Kalium Storm Artillery Wagons 2 TTC Kalium Storm Artillery Wagons 3 TTC Kalium Storm Artillery Wagons 4

Kalium Storm Artillery Wagons – Regular price £12.00

The K37 Armoured Truck chassis is employed by Kalium with varying roles, since the large vehicle has enough space to mount a large variety of weaponry. If a conscript survives manning a standard AA K37 long enough, they’re often promoted to the back-line to provide artillery support.

What’s better than showering your opponent with loads of rockets? Nothing, if Resistance are to be believed! The Kalium Storm Artillery Wagons have the same rules as the regular, scrappy versions, but instead have a fresh design for a military style army.

Storm Artillery Wagons are excellent Support choices. They have a choice of either barrages of multi-missiles or a single large missile that will blow up anything but has but one shot for the whole game. Choose wisely!

Contains 3 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to arm all with either Rocket Batteries or Golgotha Missiles.

TTC Kalium Voidhawk Dropship 1 TTC Kalium Voidhawk Dropship 2 TTC Kalium Voidhawk Dropship 3 TTC Kalium Voidhawk Dropship 4

Kalium Voidhawk Dropship – Regular price £12.00

The VT77 Voidhawk Dropship existed before the Scourge invasion but unlike its common atmospheric cousin the Lifthawk, the Voidhawk has limited spaceflight capability, superior aerodynamics and crucially a higher ceiling of 75,000 feet for orbital insertion by strike carrier. Kalium’s part in the Battle for Earth required thousands of VT77’s, still made by the rogue colony including a troopship variant. 

Lifthawk Dropships can carry Jacksons or all sorts of tanks in the Resistance army. They can also be fielded as the Troopship variant which trades that capacity for a big bay full of infantry. The Kalium Voidhawk is no different, using the standard Lifthawk rules but with a futuristic design that looks right at home with a military-style Resistance army.

This Voidhawk kit contains enough parts to make either a Dropship or a Troopship, and even has optional AA guns or flamethrowers too. The kit can also be used to build the Barrel Bomber, equipped exactly the same as its standard counterpart, but with Kalium style bombs for raining destruction from above.

Contains 1 multi-part resin miniature with parts to make either a Kalium Voidhawk Dropship, Troopship, or Barrel Bomber. It also includes parts to arm the Voidhawk with either an AA Cannon or Flamethrower.

TTC Shipping Containers 1 TTC Shipping Containers 2 TTC Shipping Containers 3 TTC Shipping Containers 4 TTC Shipping Containers 5 TTC Shipping Containers 6 TTC Shipping Containers 7

Shipping Containers – Regular price £12.00

When the Scourge invaded, everyone either ran or died. And that includes shipping companies!

In games of Dropzone Commander, you’re going to want plenty of cover. Usually that means towering skyscrapers, but sometimes you want something a bit more subtle.

The Shipping Container set contains – you guessed it – shipping containers! This set is designed to help you place small scatter terrain on your board easily and effectively. No one wants to spend half an hour putting down individual cars on a Dropzone board!

There are three groups of containers, stacked up next to each other complete with little extra bits like pallets and tyres. These make excellent barricades on their own, fully detailed and just needing a little paint. There are also four single shipping containers which you can use on their own or combine together to make larger blockades. The set also contains a couple of rows of jersey barriers, each with snap points in case you want to use single barriers to further decorate your terrain. And finally there’s a handful of oil drums and pallets of bricks – although the exact number here may vary.

Contains 15(ish) single-piece resin miniatures There are multiple styles of each piece, and the contents of your pack may vary from those shown.

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