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Crooked Dice: Fantasy Neuheiten

Crooked Dice veröffentlichen Neuheiten in der Kategorie Fantasy.

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Crooked Dice – Fantasy Neuheiten

Three new packs out today: Fantasy Stars, Skeleton Command and a Brownie! In store now!
Four stellar archetypes drawn from many fantasy worlds to populate your tabletops.
Tyrant King! This unhinged monarch rules with an iron grip and chews through scenery with wilful abandon!
Tragic Hero! Found on a parapet staring off into the distance with nothing but a sentient sword, a melancohnic mood and a wind machine!
Vicious Henchman! Fitted into outrageous armour and armed with nothing but a surly mood, West Country accent and a willingness to crush anything beneath his boots!
Monster Hunter! Armed to the teeth with monosyllabic grunts, monster hunting is dirty work and requires a surprising amount of baths!
Sculpted by Drew Williams. Painted for display by Simon Bradley.


Quelle: Crooked Dice Game Design Studio auf Facebook

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