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Cobramode: September Neuheiten

Cobramode zeigt die September-Modelle.

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Cobramode – September Neuheiten

Once again, a huge Thank You to all of our wonderful patrons! It’s such a pleasure to be able to create this work with your support, and we truly couldn’t do it without you. It’s so amazing to see everyone’s prints, paints, dioramas, and silly projects posted on Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and in our Discord. We have such a rich community of artists and makers of all levels, and it’s an honor to see our work inspiring more creativity. Speaking of the Discord, the Cobra Corps Weekly Paint Club will be convening on Thursdays, and have just started a new model (Qingshan, Feixian Swordsman). Come paint along with your fellow Cobras and trade tips and tricks! Instructions to join Discord Here

I’m not ready for Summer to end, but here we are, in September already. It’s already starting to feel a little brisk in Northern Minnesota 😬 Thinking of the cold weather ahead, we couldn’t help but visit Qian Sheng Shan, the Thousand Sacred Mountains, where the kung fu Yetis (called Xueren) live. Our collection is themed around contrasts; the brutish powerful Qi Wangmu (super saiyan yeti) and her counterpoint, the elegantly evil Libang Xian, and the youthful Jiang YiYa vs the old hermit, Blind Zhenren. Special shout out to Zephyr, who helped us with the naming of all the characters! Since Erin and I don’t know Chinese, it was really awesome to have a native speaker help us out with the naming. Zephyr added so many subtleties and extra meanings to the lore by referencing Chinese legends and stories, and I feel like it created more richness to each character background. Really amazing!

Once again we have a lovely selection of custom bases and a scatter piece sculpted by TheBetaMarie, our freelance sculptor, and wonderful renders by Calrais. Both of them were scouted from our Discord channel, where many people have been quickly progressing on their 3D modeling skills! If you have questions about sculpting or modeling, make sure you swing by.

This month’s Cross-Promo is with GoonMaster Games, someone we’ve been admiring ever since we started our Patreon. GoonMaster has generously shared their Ninja Cat mini, a definite rival to our own Ninja Salamanders! I really appreciate the whimsical sense of humor from their sculpts, and I hope you all do too. I’ll be doing a highlight post later this month about them, if you want to know more.

Sneakycrow has been steadily knocking down the bugs in the list to get Cobra Share off the ground. Still don’t have a firm ETA on when we can start onboarding patrons, but we’re definitely working on it. As our Dropbox issues from yesterday attest to, we really want to find a good solution that makes it easy both for our patrons, and for ourselves, to manage and store the patreon files.

If you want to know more about the background of the Xueren, check out the Cobra Compendium!

The Lore:

Libang Xian, Xueren Immortal

The venerated Elder Sister, Libang Xian, is one of the founders of Xueren society and has gained immortality through her amassing of Qi. Despite being the founder of the Yu Huo Zong, she is uninterested in leading the movement. The only thing she truly cares for is power, which she gains by fighting ever more powerful beings and absorbing their Qi, chaining them to her Scroll of Summoning. Written on the Scroll of Summoning are the true names of every being she has ever defeated and bound. Among the many formidable and legendary names contained therein is a Ryujin of the Mikata, a testament to her immense strength and cunning. This is one of the main reasons why the Mikata Wetlands has poor relations with neighbouring Qian Sheng Shan. Despite their ongoing feud, even the combined strength of several Ryujin is not enough to defeat her, and the Ryujin are often as wary of each other as they are of her. As elegant as she is ruthless, powerful as she is guileful, her goal is to take her place amongst the gods of the world.

Blind Zhenren, Xueren Hermit – Blind Zhenren is a placid hermit who lives a simple life in the wilderness. Belonging to the Nan Tian Zong, he cultivates Qi through obsessive inner contemplation, but has no relatives or students to pass his Qi to upon death. The nearby temple has tried to convince him to take a pupil for years, to no avail. Grumpy and stubborn, he has never found anyone he deemed suitable to receive his secret techniques. He uses one such technique to enlarge his brain in order to store more power behind the third eye, which Xueren use to sense Qi. He used his own Fire Claw technique to carve the stone vessel he sits on. The vessel will hold both his body and his Qi, until a suitable successor can be found to read the runes and inherit his legacy.

Qi Wangmu, Xueren Adept

The full-fledged warriors of the Xueren, the Adept, are capable of releasing massive amounts of Qi so violently that the nearby terrain can explode and levitate. It requires intensive training and concentration to unlock the energy necessary to do this, and not all Xueren are capable of reaching this level. Wangmu has trained with her brothers and sisters for her entire life, and shown a special talent for explosively releasing Qi. Her large mane is a result of the specific type of training she has undergone. Dedicated to the Nan Tian Zong since birth, she knows no other life than the path of Qi cultivation (and has little interest in anything else).

Jiang YiYa, Xueren Shepherd and Dog

YiYa is riding his Xiaotian Ao (Mastiff that Barks to the Heavens), a special breed of dog used almost exclusively by the Xueren. This dog is best suited for the high altitude and cold weather of the Qian Sheng Shan, due to its thick and long coat. Sometimes mistaken for bears, these dogs are massive in size and are great for shepherding, protection, and also used to pull carts and sleds. YiYa is still small enough to ride Pangpang (Fatty), although he doesn’t have much control over her.

Ein Patreon-Monat kostet 10,00 USD + VAT.

Die Modelle der vergangenen Monate sind bei My Mini factory MMF erhältlich.

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