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Bombshell: Scoutship Kickstarter Preview

Bombshell Miniatures zeigen ein Projektpreview des für Februar geplanten Kickstarter für eine Neuauflage ihres Retro-Sci-Fi Scoutschiffes.

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Bombshell – Scoutship Kickstarter Preview

Command power. Command efficiency. Command versatility. Command respect.

Able to go from atmosphere to Jump in under 18 cronons. Equipped with four Ultonium-powered 418ml SXV-55 Bust-A-Drives™. Voted Starship and Pilot’s Scout Ship of the Year. Available with three different equipment payloads. The fastest, safest, most versatile scout ship you will ever fly.

The all new ISW-71B.

Boldly go.


Illyrian Ship Works is renowned for excellence in both design and efficiency. The ISW-71B is no exception. It sets the new standard for classic design with modern performance.

The Scout Ship Miniature Kit is a „game“ scale multi-part model pressure cast in high quality urethane resin for easy assembly. It is sized to be compatible with most 28-35mm miniatures for tabletop battle games and RPGs.  The kit may be upgraded with several accessory packs available through the Kickstarter project as well as a set of crew figures.

In the CORE SET you will get :

  • 1 ISW-71B Scout Ship resin kit
  • Unlocked Stretch Goals

The hull of the ship measures #“/#cm in diameter and is #“/#cm in length overall. It should be suitable for any scenario in the COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game and will fit in on the tabletop with other scenery or vehicles.

  • Digitaler Pledge 30,00 USD
  • Resin Modell ab 175,00 USD

Link: Bombshell Kickstarter Preview

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