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Bombshell Miniatures: Preview

Bombshell Miniatures teilen ein Preview.

Bombshell Zardow

Bombshell Miniatures – Dr. Zardov

There’s a new Dr. Zardov on the way.
Pyotr Ezekiel Zardov was the American born son of Russian immigrants. Born in 1910, his father was a doctor, his mother a nurse. Pyotr showed considerable aptitude early on in mechanics and medicine. As a child, he hated school. It bored him and he was socially awkward. His parents pushed hard for Pyotr to attend Stanford, and once arriving there, Zardov found joy in his studies, obtaining multiple PhDs, although his maladroit social interactions persisted.
Upon graduation with several honors, Dr. Zardov was employed by the GDF. He served on a special task force to research the unusual AI technology of the Mekkus in the hopes of finding a way to shut the menacing machines down and end their threat once and for all. Just beginning to scratch the surface of bioengineering on Earth, Zardov was eager to expand his knowledge with the aid of resources provided by the Galactic Council of Worlds.
Supplied with the remains of various downed Mekkus, Zardov studied their construction and compared AI components from both similar and different units. He experimented on ordinary bots, attempting to integrate Mekkus technology with the known robotic technology of the GDF. He weathered many failures resulting in incompatible or non-functioning bots, even some bots that became aggressive and had to be destroyed. Zardov searched for answers and solutions to these problems. His research followed a darker path when he was given a damaged Mekkus cybot and became intrigued and eventually obsessed with the integration of organic and mechanical, seeing it as a means to achieve immortality. After a time, the GDF learned of his experiments.
When they disapproved and attempted to halt his research, Zardov rebelled, furious with the GDF’s short-sightedness. The GDF stripped him of his clearances, reassigning him to Combot maintenance. Dr. Zardov fled to the Outer Reaches to continue his experiments in secret. He finally achieved a certain amount of success with a pair of HLpR bots and a few MInE bots. Pursuing his dream of immortality, he monitors transmissions and braves battlefields where the GDF, Lancers, Neiran and Mekkus have clashed to scavenge parts and components. Zardov also began abducting the unfortunate traveler here and there to experiment with integrating Mekkus technology with various organs, seeking to gain immortality for himself. His subjects died or had to be destroyed, but Zardov learned much, storing the data. One day, a terrible fire broke out in his lab. Zardov suffered horrific burns and injury. His HLpR bots performed an agonizing surgery on Zardov, managing to save his brain and integrate in into a modified BdE bot chassis. Now with the strength and computing power of a robot as well as his brilliant yet twisted mind, Dr. Zardov seeks to continue his grisly experiments with the aid of his robot minions.


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