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Blotz: Neue Inneneinrichtung

Blotz rüsten die geheimen HQs von Superschurken auf.

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Is your evil lair looking a little dated ?
Are your rocket scientists still working with pens, paper and blackboards ?
Upgrade your hardware today and drag it straight into the 1960s.
With data storage at only £1.50 a unit and a Control Desk a snip at £3.00 you can even afford to splash your ill-gotten-gains and help your security team keep out those pesky „good guys“ with a stylish Surveillance Station (£3.00).
Are the Scientists still feeling left out – help is at hand – they can monitor that’s going on with a shiny new Monitoring Station (£3.00).
So if it’s world domination you’re after or you are just planning on stealing the contents of Fort Knox – with this shiny new gear your minions will be dying to defend your evil lair.
All these new items can be found on the Blotz website in our 28mm Retro Sci-fi section:

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