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Antenociti’s Workshop: Neuheiten

Antenociti’s Workshop haben neue „Utility MDF“ Produkte im Programm.

Antenociti's Workshop Utility MDF  Neuheiten1 Antenociti's Workshop Utility MDF  Neuheiten2 Antenociti's Workshop Utility MDF  Neuheiten3 Antenociti's Workshop Utility MDF  Neuheiten4 Antenociti's Workshop Utility MDF  Neuheiten5 Antenociti's Workshop Utility MDF  Neuheiten6

Antenociti’s Workshop – Utility MDF  Neuheiten

Very first of our new „Utility“ MDF is now out.
We’ve had a lot of requests for un-painted MDF and so we are going to now split out MDF into three categories:
1)“Utility“ – this is unpainted MDF and Card emphasising affordability, but not sacrificing construction or aesthetics. Generally, they will be lacking interior detailing but will retain functioning doors and other features. Upgrade packs will become available.
2) „Premier“ – Our current high-detail pre-painted MDF focuses on producing kits that can be built and considered finished to go on the tabletop.
3) „Premier Plus“ – A new level of buildings that focuses on extreme detail and can be complex to build. Suitable for tabletop gaming but also to be considered as hobby projects to built for fun or display.
Today sees the first Utility buildings available in the „Survival“ category, including 6 brand new „Americana“ wood-plank buildings and alongside those Utility versions of some of our existing Survival buildings.
Buildings in the Utility range are designed to be affordable and functional but with a lower emphasis on interior detail and no pre-painted parts. Internal detailing packs, unpainted and painted will become available later this year though, and there already exist several MDF and resin internal components for detailing buildings.
„Utility“ buildings are unlikely to be made available in the „Premier“ range however this is not an absolute rule. Similarly, some „Premier“ buildings may have alternative “Utility” versions made for them but, again, this is by no means certain.

Quelle: Antenociti’s Workshop auf Facebook

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