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Alternative Armies: Neuheiten

Alternative Armies zeigen einige Neuheiten.

A Armies Nov 1

First Legion de Nain Dwarf cavalry new for Flintloque. 52528 Pack, Unit, Singles. Adding to the 50 poses of infantry Alternative Armies has released the legion is growing. First of three this month. Event month is on with 20% off all orders, free Cadaver Monster and much more. See the site for more!
A Armies Nov 6
It is nearing that time of year again! Alternative Armies seasons of celebration range contains many 28mm and 15mm codes. Snowmen in many types. Also Xmas Trees, Gingerbread Men, Presents and Jack Frost plus samplers and a HOTT Army too. Great for any system and lots of fun. Event month is on giving 20% off all orders and free Cadaver Monster too.
A Armies Nov 5
Three more classic sci-fi miniatures of the 1980’s are back! Szithk and Froog. These join all the other returned miniatures at Alternative Armies. Read, see, more on our blog and our event month is on all November too. Thanks. GBS #alternativearmies #laserburn #28mmminiatures
A Armies Nov 4
Our new mascot who will be big in 2022 arrives in barbarian guise today. Alternia! Now released. See the website and all the new releases.
A Armies Nov 3
Now released! FL28 Female Landsknechts; four miniatures 28mm scale. Imagi-nations and fantasy uses abound. Our event month is on giving 20% off all orders and much more. See website for details.
A Armies Nov 2
New 15mm vehicles for The Ion Age. Patrol Angis players and any other sci-fi rule systems. IAF176 Hazelwurm and IAF177 Colabreta lifters. Read in detail on our blog. Fight the Khanate Empire! Thank you for supporting my own setting. GBS (Oh and event is on so 20% off all orders at checkout.)

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