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The Gnome Guard: Kickstarter läuft

Tom Mason ist mit knuffigen Gnomen auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

The Gnome Guard – 28mm Miniatures

The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 1

Conscientious gnomes ready to preserve and protect their gardens from being overrun by pesky pests.

NEXT STRETCH GOAL: $12,500 – 1 FREE Gnubber the Sprout Miniature

FUNDED! – $10,000 – 1 FREE „The Shiner“ Miniature

FUNDED! – $7,500 – 1 FREE Gnome Bird Keeper Miniature

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The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 2

“The Gnome Guard” expands on the world of “The Adventures of Little Knife and Kronan” & ”The Goblin Menace” by introducing the stalwart guards of the garden.

One of the world’s most timeless lawn decorations can now come to life on your tabletop. Whether you need comparably adorable force to face off against other pint-sized foes, or you’re just obsessed with garden gnomes, these miniatures will make a great addition to any collection.

The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 11

The miniatures are cast in high quality lead free white metal by one of the finest foundries in the industry. Each character is designed to work with existing miniatures lines while evoking a fun style that allows them to stand out.

Each pack of gnome guards is designed in groups of five (5) uniquely sculpted miniatures, making it easy to mix and match the various types. This configuration is PERFECT for many popular wargames like Oathmark, Dragon Rampant, and Saga: Age of Magic.

The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 12 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 13 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 14 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 15 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 16

Each miniature in the set comes with a plastic slotted base (20mm for the Gnomes and 25mm for the Greenskeeper). All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 17

Scale Comparison


The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 3 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 4 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 5 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 6 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 7

Stretch Goals:

Gnomes must remain ever vigilant to protect their gardens from simple creatures as well as other more serious menaces. But there’s more to gnome-life than this. As the campaign progresses, you’ll help unlock stretch goals to add these fun and unique miniatures to your collection!

Anyone who pledges for the Gnome Patrol level or higher will receive all FREE stretch goal models!

The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 8 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 9 The Gnome Guard 28mm Miniatures 10


Shipping will NOT be collected during the Kickstarter. Instead, backers will be able to pay for shipping of their rewards via a pledge manager once the Kickstarter has concluded and the products are ready to ship. There are several reasons for doing it this way, but the main reason is to keep shipping costs as low as possible for YOU, the backer. In addition, I pledge to maintain the following shipping rates:

Shipping rates:

U.S. – $5

Canada – $15

World Wide – $20

Customs fees, duties, taxes, tariffs and or additional charges incurred at the shipping destination by the receiver are the responsibility of the receiver. I cannot accept any responsibility for additional charges imposed by the taxing authority of the legal jurisdiction of the receiving residency.

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 4 Tage.

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