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Wild West Exodus: Neue Preorders

WarCradle zeigen neue Produkte für ihren besonders wilden Westen.

WC Wild West Exodus Dead Or Alive Posse 1 WC Wild West Exodus Dead Or Alive Posse 2 WC Wild West Exodus Dead Or Alive Posse 3 WC Wild West Exodus Dead Or Alive Posse 4 WC Wild West Exodus Dead Or Alive Posse 5 WC Wild West Exodus Dead Or Alive Posse 6 WC Wild West Exodus Dead Or Alive Posse 7 WC Wild West Exodus Dead Or Alive Posse 8 WC Wild West Exodus Dead Or Alive Posse 9

Dead or Alive Posse – £ 35,00

Doing time in Jail is an occupational hazard when you’re a bounty hunter in the Arizona Territories. For Lilith Hart, not having spent even a minute of her life behind bars was a boast she made on a regular basis. “‘Aint ‘til those Earp boys sprout wings they got a chance ‘a catchin’ me”, was a favourite of hers. Those individuals who bring in criminals for bounty often flirt with legality and Lilith Hart and her Posse are no exception. That was, of course, until she found herself out in Warrior Nation land in North Arizona, out of ammo, out of juice and out of luck. Quilt of Stars and her pack of wolves sniffed out the bounty hunter and dragged Hart kicking and screaming back to Marshal Reeves and Sheriff Bullock.

Sitting in her cell Hart spent a good deal of time pondering some of her recent life choices and came to the conclusion that going after John Moseby, “The Grey Ghost” was a job beyond even her abilities. They had grossly underestimated Moseby and his gang of freaks and wished she had someone on her team with more than one set of arms. That’s just where the trouble began though as it turned out Jack “Turkey Creek” Johnson was a friend of the Earps and all hell broke lose the following day. With the Tombstone boys hot on their heels Hart and Co. soon had to scatter to the four winds in order to try and avoid capture.

As it tuned out “those Earp boys” didn’t need to sprout wings, they just needed a handful of deputies in gyrocopters to chase Lilith down and force her to crash land out in the wilderness. It took less than a week for her Posse to find her and break her out of jail. Now the hornet’s nest has well and truly been kicked and deputies from across the Territories have been called up to hunt for the gang.

Forced into hiding in the little town of Rio Sonora, New Mexico, Lilith Hart and her band of wanted men lie in wait for the lawmen and other bounty hunters who are no doubt hot on their tail. Broad Arrow Jack might be the most notorious member of the Posse. His association with so many outlaws and his unrelenting disregard for the law has ensured his reputation precedes him. They say Jack has a wife in every state and that is reason enough to ensure he never stays in the same place for long. Thomas Tate Tobin, however, is a fellow with an unknown past. Many say that isn’t his real name, and while this is unremarkable for an outlaw, those who discover his real name and his history often pass it off as being merely a flight of fancy. The truth is the Tobin was once a member of Ponce de Leon’s band and was born over 300 years ago.

Another mysterious member of Lilith’s Posse is Long Tree. Although he is a medical practitioner with dubious credentials, he has saved the life of many an outlaw in his time and serves Lilith well in this capacity. Few have seen the face behind his mask and even fewer have survived to tell the tale. James McClain, while he has been used to operating alone, has come to realise that no man is an island, especially when you can’t decide where your loyalties lie and has therefore thrown his lot in with Lilith. McClain is happy to use his position as Marshal to get him out of some tight spots should he need to.

Some men say that Jim Peterson cannot die. No matter how much lead you pump into him he just gets back up. Money can’t buy that kind of reputation and Jim is more than happy to shovel fuel on that fire. Peterson is lethal with a blade and prefers to get up close and personal in a fight. Yann Packer, known to some as “The Wraith”, due to his talent for simply disappearing if the things get too hot, is a ruthless killer and Hart is happy to unleash him on her enemies. He revels in destruction and enjoys punishing his foes with a hail of shells from his repeating shotgun.

The Dead or Alive Posse contains 7 multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Lilith Hart
  • 1x Yann „The Wraith“ Packer
  • 1x Longtree
  • 1x Thomas Tate Tobin
  • 1x Jim Petersen
  • 1x Broad Arrow Jack
  • 1x James „The Masked Marshal“ McClain
  • 7x Bases

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.

WC WarCradle Rio Sonora Town Set 1 WC WarCradle Rio Sonora Town Set 2 WC WarCradle Rio Sonora Town Set 3 WC WarCradle Rio Sonora Town Set 4 WC WarCradle Rio Sonora Town Set 5 WC WarCradle Rio Sonora Town Set 6

Rio Sonora Town Set – £ 100,00

The small but productive town of Rio Sonora has enjoyed relative anonymity over the years allowing it to grow in peace and prosperity. A recent influx of visitors from across the border of New Mexico and the Arizona Territories has shattered this peace. Now many outlaws have used the town as a place to hide out and lay low meaning that in an inevitable influx of Lawmen and Union Agents has followed close on their heels. Now the streets of Rio Sonora run with the blood of innocents as well as the not so innocent and gunfights and all-out skirmishes tarnish this once vibrant oasis in the New Mexican desert. Those who still call Rio Sonora their home either have no way of moving or are too stubborn to stay.

This Wild West Exodus Rio Sonora Scenery kit contains six multi-part buildings;

  • 1x Exclusive Rio Senora Dwelling with alternate colour scheme featuring,
    • 1x Building
    • 1x Loose Plank
    • 1x Table
    • 1x Stool
    • 1x Bed
    • 1x Fireplace/Chimney
  • 1x Rio Sonora Dwelling featuring;
    • 1x Building
    • 1x Loose Plank
    • 1x Table
    • 1x Stool
    • 1x Bed
    • 1x Fireplace/Chimney
  • 1x Rio Sonora Domicile featuring,
    • 1x Multi-part Building
    • 1x Ladder
    • 1x Table
    • 4x Stools
    • 1x Bed
  • 1x Rio Sonora Foundry featuring
    • 1x Building
    • 1x Crane and Grinder
    • 2x Chimneys
    • 2x Fireplaces
    • 2x Stools
    • Machinery
  • 1x Rio Sonora Workshop featuring
    • 1x building
    • Loose Planks
    • 3x Small Crates
    • 1x Crane
    • 1x Table Saw
    • 1x Bed
  • 1x Rio Sonora Town Hall featuring
    • 1x building
    • 1x Organ
    • 8x Pews
    • 1x Machine
    • 2x Lights

Please note:

    • Scenery items are manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF).
    • Buildings are supplied primed and some assembly will be required.
    • Assembly instructions can be found online and by scanning the QR printed on the packaging.

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  • Das Geländeset geht einmal so komplett zu mir, voll gut!

    Die Dead or Alive Posse ist für mich leider nix, das liegt aber nur daran dass ich mit den Outlaws nix anfangen kann.
    Neben den Outlaws werden sich aber auch besonders Lawmen Spieler überlegen die Truppe bei sich aufzunehmen.

  • Minis und Gebäude sind mal wieder sehr cool!
    Nur leider ist das Thema so eigen das man es kaum mit anderen Sachen kombinieren kann. Das schreckt mich immer etwas ab, genau wie bei Carnevale.

  • Um ich glaube das Gelände kommt für The Other Side zu mir. Da kann ich mir das auch sehr gut vorstellen. Und natürlich für Dystopian Legions.

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