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Renedra: Neue Previews

Renedra zeigen auf Facebook einige Previews.

Renedra Regimentbases 01 Renedra Regimentbases 02 Renedra Regimentbases 03 Renedra Regimentbases 04

Good Morning, the 25mm recessed 10 space movement trays will be available to buy from our web store later on today! £5 for 4 trays – Thanks Jessica

Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 01 Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 02 Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 03 Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 04 Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 05 Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 06 Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 07 Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 08 Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 09 Renedra RamshakleHouse Prev 10

Today we have got 3 of the frames off for the new Ramshackle House – there are still 2 frames yet to be finished – but have a few pictures to give you a rough mock up of what we have – there are also some pots and a chair which are on the frame – the 2 frames yet to be finished contain the parts for the Porch and the Floor sections (including a ladder) – hope you like it – thanks Jessica

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