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TTCombat: Carnevale Neuheiten

Nachschub für Carnevale von TTCombat.

PulcinellaPubCrawlBoxBackground PulcinellaPubCrawlGroupBackground PubCrawlBoardBack Pulcinella1BackBackground Pulcinella1FrontBackground Pulcinella2BackBackground Pulcinella2FrontBackground PulcinellaBrewerBackBackground PulcinellaBrewerFrontBackground PulcinellaBruteBackBackground PulcinellaBruteFrontBackground PulcinellaFireBreatherBackBackground PulcinellaFireBreatherFrontBackground

Pulcinella Pub Crawl – 22,00 GBP

The Great and Noble Cult of the End of Days is a very selective organisation. If you don’t like drinking and fighting, you probably won’t get in. If you do like either of those things, welcome aboard! Grab your Pulcinella hat and raise a mug!
If you love Pulcinellas (and who doesn’t?), this is the box for you! With two new Pulcinella Henchmen you can expand your mob, and add some special Heroes too. The Brute is big and hits very hard with his club, where as the Firebreather adds some powerful ranged attacks. You can even pair her with the Brewer for flaming bottles! The Brewer not only raises morale, but can also drown anyone beneath a steady flow of ale!

Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

VampiricAristocracyBoxBackground VampiricAristocracyGroupBackground AristocracyBoardBack HighbornServantBackBackground HighbornServantFrontBackground HulkingMoroiBackBackground HulkingMoroiFrontBackground Nosferatu1BackBackground Nosferatu1FrontBackground Nosferatu2BackBackground Nosferatu2FrontBackground StarvedStrigoiBackBackground StarvedStrigoiFrontBackground

Vampiric Aristocracy – 22,00 GBP

In the years since Vlad Dracula’s death, the remaining Strigoi have spread throughout the globe. With extended lifespans, many have become grandiose beyond measure, starving and gorging themselves on blood until they become mere echoes of their human side. The strangest will feed on the blood of mages, but must be careful since a single drop could kill or transform them to beasts.
The Vampiric Aristocracy show both extremes of the Strigoi! Two Nosferatu are subtle support Henchmen, excellent at taking objectives. A Highborn Servant is so desperate to be given the blood kiss she’ll spend her riches on the cult. A Starved Dhampir starts weak but gets stronger as she drinks, and the Hulking Moroi is a massive rage filled monster!

Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

Harbinger SReflectionBoardBack Harbinger SReflectionBackBackground Harbinger SReflectionFrontBackground

Harbinger’s Reflection – 8,00 GBP

The Harbinger, the Herald, Prophet… lots of names for the same being. This strange figure appeared in places around the world simultaneously, but only in one was he murdered. The assassin’s blade tore open the Harbinger’s chest, a gouge that tore open the heavens and reality.

In the years since, reports have cited a strange figure walking the streets of Venice. Looking at it is like looking through a hundred sheets of shattered glass as reality bends and breaks around the being. Seeming to now survive on multiple planes of existence at the same time, the Harbinger’s Reflection is known to briefly aid some with supernatural knowledge before shattering into a thousand pieces in front of their eyes.
At one point the most powerful being in the world, the Harbinger was foolish enough to let their guard down and usher in an age of destruction. Or maybe they knew all along? Those are questions for another time. Probably a book, rather than a product description!

The Harbinger’s Reflection is what is left behind, and while they’re not all-powerful they’re still a fantastic character to add to your gang! Able to shuffle around your Agendas is a super handy power in itself, but the Harbinger’s Reflection can also use any number of Will Points to boost a single roll and replenishes Will Points when other characters use theirs! All this together provides a character who is surprisingly effective, and one that your opponents won’t underestimate twice!

Contains 1 resin miniature and 1 plastic base. Cobblestone base pictured not included.

TTCombat Produkte werden in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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