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Privateer Press: Neuheiten

Bei Privateer Press gibt es Neuheiten für Monsterpocalypse und Riot Quest.

Privateer Press Monsterpocalypse Megaton Mashup 3 Privateer Press Monsterpocalypse Smashville 2

Monsterpocalypse: Smashville – 59,99 USD

Most cities in the Monsterpocalypse rarely see a battle. And when they are threatened by a titanic conflict, it only affects a small portion of the city before the combatants quickly move on. A few cities, however, become permanent homes to the forces waging this war, and these are frequently attacked by opponents trying to disrupt the occupier’s support structure.

The Smashville campaign box offers players a brand-new way to experience the excitement of the Monsterpocalypse. Instead of each game being a standalone event, Smashville provides rules for linking games together. Players claim a city for their own and use the rewards they earn during games to improve that city. Those improvements then make their fighting force more powerful. The included asset models, and the Construction Yard that builds them, can be used to beef up the defenses of your home city. Watch out, though: the greater you build up your city, the more you’ll have to lose when your opponents ransack it during base defense rounds.


Smashville rulebook
Construction Yard building
City Assets 1
City Assets 2
City Assets 3

Privateer Press Monsterpocalypse Megaton Mashup 1 Privateer Press Monsterpocalypse Megaton Mashup 2
Monsterpocalypse: Megaton Mashup – 49,99 USD
A brand-new threat has arrived to take its place in the Monsterpocalypse, and this new danger will take everything you and your allies can muster to defeat it.

Gallamaxus is a truly terrifying foe from outer space. Humanity was just getting used to the concept of interplanetary creatures bent on consuming the universe and alien invaders harvesting resources to revitalize their dying world when the first messengers of the Draken Armada arrived in the solar system to warn of an even larger looming threat. Gallamaxus is but the first in a dark cloud of death heading for our planet. He is the harbinger of the Necroscourge, and it may be the most terrifying addition to the Monsterpocalypse yet.

The Megaton Mashup expansion for Monsterpocalypse introduces a brand-new way to play out your battles of giant monster combat. This product includes a new monster, Gallamaxus, who is fully playable in standard play but can also be used to face down any pair of players brave enough to step into his territory. After testing your mettle against this new threat, you can try out a Megaton Mashup game against any monster from your collection. The included card deck controls the independent monster and the rules explain how two players can work together playing a single monster each and a shared reserve of units to take the enemy monster down.

Gallamaxus is an aggressive monster that can be added to any Destroyers force. He quickly flies across cities, Demolishing buildings and Munching any units that get too close to him. When he goes hyper, his bladed arms Penetrate his foes defenses, and he Redlines his health in order to perform incredibly powerful actions.


Megaton Mashup Card Deck
Bonus Health Card

Privateer Press Riot Quest Feora The Forsaken
Feora The Forsaken – 14,99 USD
She plotted and schemed for years…YEARS! She was to be the next Hierarch; she was to rule the Protectorate! It was her destiny!

Or at least, that’s what Feora thought. Then the infernals came, and all those years of backstabbing and manipulation just went…kablooey. While the world crumbles, her rage swells. With nothing left to control, she has but one purpose, one thing fueling her infinite well of hatred and spite.

She’s going to watch the world burn.

Feora the Forsaken is a Fighter Class Hero that is pure offense and helps nearby allies hit better in melee as well. Thanks to her Flank ability, she lowers the defense of enemies near her against melee attacks, and at the cost of randomly discarding a Gear card, she (and nearby allies) can reroll the dice when making melee attacks.

This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Protectorate warcaster.

Privateer Press Mekanoshredder
Mekanoshredder – 10,99 USD
Built by an unknown (and likely insane) engineer, the Mekanoshredder was originally intended to protect its creators against the various threats lurking within the ruined Iron Kingdoms. That lasted about five seconds, before it ate them.

For some time, the Mekanoshredder wandered alone through the wastes, gobbling up scrap metal and fusing the “digested” bits of steel and iron to its metallic frame. Other scavengers observed this behavior and discovered that for just a handful of nuts and bolts as “payment,” this vicious little robot would actually perform its programmed duty and defend them as a loyal bodyguard.

Mekanoshredder is a Guard Class Hero with a fair amount of versatility and utility for any Crew. The little monster can gain a player Loot tokens just for hitting enemies, and it’s capable of rerolling multiple dice when attacking or rigging bounties based on how many Gear cards the player has in their discard pile.

This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Legion lesser warbeast with a Field Allowance of 2.

Privateer Press The Four Horseymans
The Four Horseymans – 22,99 USD
Before the infernals came, the grymkin had been unleashed by the Old Witch to stave off the apocalypse. Well, that plan was stupid, and it failed. Now, not only did the apocalypse happen, but there’s freakin’ grymkin running around in the ruins of the world, and guess what? THEY LOVE IT!

One of the most notorious group of celebrating grymkin are the Four Horseymans, a group of neigh slayers that have taken up the monikers of Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence. They ride through the ash and cinders, whooping and cheering and having the time of their lives. And woe be it unto those who get in their way. The Four Horseymans bring the kind of party you never truly recover from.

The Four Horseymans is a Fighter Class Hero with powerful melee offense and Riot Gear disruption utility. Thanks to its unique weapon “Apocawypse,” when the Four Horseymans hits an enemy Hero, its opponent must discard a Riot Gear card from their hand at random!

This model is fully compatible in WARMACHINE & HORDES, in which it is a Grymkin Neigh Slayer solo. All four characters are on a single 50 mm base and represent a single solo.

Quelle: Privateer Press


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  • ich hatte mich auf jedes der RQ Modelle gefreut, aber nachdem ich jetzt die ersten Modelle in englischen FB Gruppen gesehen habe, muss ich sagen, mich stört das Four Horseyman Grymkin Modell. Es ragt in alle Richtungen über die Base hinaus, kollidiert mit anderen Modellen auf dem Spielfeld und hat keinen goldenen Winkel, in dem man es gut betrachten oder ablichten könnte.

    Ausnahmsweise kein Fan. Holen werd ich es mir dennoch, RQ macht wirklich Spaß und ich möchte zumindest den ersten Block (Mayhem) vollständig sammeln.

    Zombified Space Dragon Galamaxus steht auch auf dem Plan, allein schon, weil ich ein großer Fan des Coop Spielens bin. =D

  • Das mit dem übers Base rausstehen ist…spieltechnisch wohl etwas fragürdig, aber gut aussehen tuts find ich. Der Mechanoshredder ist gekauft. Spiel zwar kein Riotquest, aber die Mini gefällt mir

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