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Cyber-Forge: Januar & GridWars Kickstarter

Cyber-Forge, der SF & Cyberpunk Ableger von Titan Forge zeigt die Janaur Modelle ihres Patreons und kündigt einen neuen Kickstarter für ein cyberpunk TT an: GridWars! Außerdem gibt es noch weihnachtlichen Bonus-Inhalt für alle…

Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 1 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 2 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 3 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 4 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 5 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 6 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 7 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 8 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 9 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 10 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 11 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 12 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 13 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 14 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 15 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 16 Cyber Forge  Janaur Patreon The Second Mutant Rebellion 17

Cyber-Forge –  Janaur Patreon – The Second Mutant Rebellion

Hello everyone!

We will be starting the new year with a blast! It’s a blast from the past as the mutants are back with new force and new unexpected lines of conflict. Get ready for the Second Mutant Rebellion!

In the aftermath of the Mutant Rebellion, the mutants were banished to live in the undercity sewers. Out of sight, out of mind.  Over the years the underground society has divided with some looking for a way back to the society and some sworn to destroy it.

The unknown Vault on the Borderlands was home to the latter. As soon as it was opened thousands of CyberMorphs swarmed out and went straight for the city to feed. Attacking everything on their way. Each pack is accompanied by a CyberMorpher. This machine dismantles the destroyed morphs to create new ones or augment the most effective ones. Recycling was never so sinister!

All those abominations were created by Cybertor, one of the ambitious leaders of the loosely connected Cyber Cult. Don’t get fooled by the name, it is hardly a religion. The only thing they cultivate is getting ripped with technology and spreading destruction.

The city would be doomed for sure if the attack did not start prematurely. There are thousands more, more advanced, not yet finished cybermorphs lurking underground. However, once the Vault was opened there was no turning back. There is still a chance,

In the old sewers and abandoned metro system lives another army of mutants that could come out and save TC. But will they? Mutants here have no organized structure for decision-making but in the crucial times, they do not beat around the bush.  Luv, the Chicken Duck Women Prophet spoke that there is a forty-nine to one chance of victory that will also cause liberation of the TC mutants. For desperate some, it was all they needed.  A former janitor Jersey Jones (now known as Venom Redemptor) became a leader of the counter-rebellion after delivering a speech that encouraged the first wave to go fight on the surface. Others joined soon after. 

The streets became a guerilla mess. Infrastructure was destroyed and weaponized (Tritsa), cars and transportation were hi-jacked and stacked in burning piles (Benny). El Quattro became a legend by appearing out of nowhere in impossible situations and eliminating all threats desperado-style. The CyberMorphers‘ programming glitched due to the influx of new unidentified mutants on the streets (not that uncommon, it is cyberpunk after all). It smelled like victory. 

That’s not, however, how it looked from the TCPD’s perspective. More mutants, more problems – as Officer Pomelo said. Now there are twice as many out there. Both the police and anti-guerrilla Seeker Marineswere ordered to shoot everything on their radars. The mutants led by Venom Redemptor did not hesitate to retaliate. Now everyone was after each other.

As it often is, the tides were turned by a few. An operational alliance with the mutants was appointed by detective Harry Stone. The old-timer has met with the mutant leaders by pure chance. For days he was looking for a beast that killed his partner right at the beginning of the rebellion. No sleep – just caffeine, chocolate, and determination. Finally, one of his sources, Londa Zendaya took him to reconnaissance a suspicious mutant camp. Her dog came along. When Songo the Corgi saw the mutants, he ran off to them wagging his tail. Harry and Londa froze but the mutants started to play with the dog. „He recognizes the good ones“ – said Londa.

Titan City old metro system is home of the mutants. In the release, you will find the elements to create an infinitely-long train with modular elements and a brand new set of Metro Bases.

But before we got to the backstory of the mutant rebellion we have some exciting news to announce!

Cyber Forge GridWars: Age Of Cyberpunk Kickstarter 3 Cyber Forge GridWars: Age Of Cyberpunk Kickstarter 4

Cyber-Forge – GridWars: Age of Cyberpunk Kickstarter

At the beginning of the year, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new sci-fi tabletop game – GridWars: Age of Cyberpunk!

The campaign will be featuring a lot of new sci-fi and cyberpunk miniature 3d models for your collection. On top of that, you will be getting a hex-based gaming system that you can easily print and set up at home. Along are coming the cards for each miniature – combat statistic, hacking/engineering statistics, attack profiles, rules. You will also get a complete accessory set, including terrain, environment (terminals, mechs). Everything to have a competitive clash using the Cyber Forge miniatures. Prepare to choose your faction (yakuza, corporation, cybercult, outlaws, TCPD) and 3d print your own game to play with friends!

Our goal is to take the classic wargaming fighting/shooting mechanics and add a new layer of high tech possibilities that will take the gameplay to the next level! Interaction with the environment, hacking, building robots, and interesting „RPG“ scenarios is what will make GridWars stand out in the world of wargaming!

For you, we will be offering a dedicated Patron tier. You will be able to get just the new Kickstarter content at a special price! We can’t wait to show it to you! Hope you will check it out!

Cyber Forge GridWars: Age Of Cyberpunk Kickstarter 1 Cyber Forge GridWars: Age Of Cyberpunk Kickstarter 2

Cyber-Forge – X-Mas Bonus

Hello everyone! The year is coming to an end but this is not the end of the 3d printing content that we have prepared for you in 2020! Download the special Christmas pack right now and make the most out of your holidays!


Inside you will find:

Nico Santos sci-fi miniature

The future folklore calls for new heroes. Kids around Titan City wait all year for Nico’s next spectacular live-transmitted heist. Especially because the stolen funds are then transferred to pre-paid cards and sent to kids so they can buy toys. Even some teens pretend to believe that the amazing robberies are not a staged show to get some extra cash from their parents!

Krampus fantasy miniature

While Santa rewards good children, Krampus punishes the naughty ones. This demon from the Alpine folklore is among our favorites. Make sure to use Krampus only as a last resort when all other parenting techniques fail!

Christmas Baubles Set 1 + NEW Set 2!

Make the most original Christmas tree ever with the new 3d printed baubles. Paint them, hang them, and enjoy the holiday break with style after a whole year of work. We have added a couple more designs to the bauble collection. Check out what’s new!

Cookie Cutter Set!

Baking and decorating cookies with family or friends is a lot of fun. Now you can make this event more interesting with 3D print. There is no limit to the shapes and forms of cookies you can now create. We have provided a starter set with some basic Christmas forms: potions, my sword, my axe, a shield, a goblin/yoda and a bullet (so that you never run out of ammo!).

Link: Cyberforge Patreon

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