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Rumbleslam: Neue Previews

TTCombat zeigen neue Previews für Rumbleslam.

TTC Rumbleslam Gelände 1

No, but seriously this time.

Keen Rumblefans will remember that we teased TLC waaaay back in the first TTC advent calendar. Since then we just got busy ok? We meant to call, seriously, but our phones ran out of battery. We’ve just got a lot going on right now.

No, but really we had a lot of things to get sorted, one of which was a new edition of RUMBLESLAM! Now that’s out (and free to download too), it’s time to get back to some expansions!

So what is Tables, Ladders, Chests?

Well, the clue is in the name.

TTC Rumbleslam Gelände 2

There are tables, and ladders. Oh and chairs too.

TTC Rumbleslam Gelände 3

And there are chests!

This new expansion adds some real weird rules into the mix, which will have wide-reaching uses.

The biggest addition is having objects in the ring with different heights. This hardcore mode allows you to turnbuckle off very tall objects, adding extra damage to your attacks. Also, having something in the middle of the ring means even more aerial attacks. Most of our test games have seen 1st activation turnbuckle attacks become the norm!

TTC Rumbleslam Gelände 4

But that’s not all, TLC’s hardcore mode also includes rules for grabbing dosh!

These rules put a new spin on your games, giving different victory conditions. While yes, there is a briefcase, a RUMBLESLAM match isn’t that straight forward. You might get an easy to carry pile of dosh, a heavy safe, chest, or even a mimic that’ll bite you and run away!

TTC Rumbleslam Gelände 5

We’ve even made a podium for your wrestlers to climb. A couple of different heights, and it makes a great piece for photographs as well!

Now, we’re still in development stages, so some of these models will see a few changes before release. We’re about 90% of the way there with the rules for TLC at the moment, and in the next few weeks we’ll be sending out the beta rules to our TTAgents to have a look at. They’re tricky rules, and we want to get them just right!

But we should have more about this new expansion pack at the start of 2021.

Christmas Update

Firstly we have a quick update regarding the warehouse plans over the holidays.

This year has been a tough one and I’m sure everyone can’t wait for it to be over. With 2021 just around the corner we have a short update on the warehouse for you all. We will be closing over the holidays giving everyone a short but much needed break, service will be returning to normal again in the new year. This should give everyone time to recharge and get ready for a big year!

Advent Calender

Those of you that backed our Desert of the Dead Kickstarter already have their Pyramid Piledrivers rising from the grave. They’re a team of mummies and zombies. If you haven’t seen them, ask nicely over in the RUMBLESLAM Facebook fan page!

But a casino has to have more than one team. We weren’t going to show these quite yet, but we think that RUMBLESUPERFAN Chris might actually explode if we sit on it for any longer…

TTC Rumbleslam Katzen 1


The next team for the Diamond Oasis is a team of Persian inspired catfolk. Or Tabaxi. Or Khajit I guess, although I don’t think we’re allowed to call them that…

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

TTC Rumbleslam Katzen 2

These aren’t your regular cat people though, they’re all big cats! They have particular styles and roles (mostly inspired by 1001 Nights fyi). This tiger sailor is an outright brawler – just look at her muscles and claws!

TTC Rumbleslam Katzen 3

There’s also a thief, who swaps brawn for sneakiness. A puma who is able slip into the shadows at will, only to reemerge and grapple his opponents? Nice.

TTC Rumbleslam Katzen 4

You might have noticed by now that there are only 4 cats in the picture above. Well, this team is a little different!

It has three WEIGHT 2s and a WEIGHT 3, but swaps out its fifth wrestler for some accessories instead! A bowl of catnip helps your team fight harder when they’re close by, and a magic carpet can pick up your wrestlers and whisk them around the ring. Adding some buffs to the team will mean they make up for their missing team member!

TTC Rumbleslam Katzen 5

They have support cats too! This cat tamer is able to rally her teammates, and plenty of other little furry felines as well.

TTC Rumbleslam Katzen 6

And finally…. I mean, what? This is the Cosmic Cat. A cat that brings life to all of the cosmos, existing as some kind of extra-dimensional being that sees all and knows all and – hey is that an empty box? Yeah, it’s going to sit in that, for sure.

As you can see, all the beautiful art is finished, but this team hasn’t gone off to be sculpted yet, so you’ll have to be patient! The Pyramid Piledrivers will be coming to retail in 2021 first, along with some cool new Superstars (and plenty of extra ones not from the Kickstarter). Oh and more booster boxes, and more Superstars to round out Moote Carlo and even more stuff we’re working on that we can’t possibly talk about yet! Shout it with me: RUUUUUUUMBLESLAAAAAM!

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