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Star Scrappers: Battledrill STL Kickstarter

Von Hexy Store kommt ein interessanter STL-Kickstarter.

Battledrill is a fast-paced skirmish miniature game set in the Star Scrappers Universe, where you take control of a crew of adventurers called Scrappers. These brave humans, unyielding robots and mysterious aliens are exploring the uncharted space of the Distant Edge in search of the ultimate prize – Hexis crystals – a power source that will change the image of space travel forever. In hostile places on primeval planets, where a lasergun in your holster is the only law, will you be the one who prevails and claims all the glory?

HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 1 HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 2 HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 3

Das sind die ersten Stretch Goals:

HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 4 HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 5 HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 6 HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 7 HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 8 HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 9

Ein paar Infos zum Setting:

HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 10

Terrons are descendants of the humans that came to this Galaxy a long time ago. Over a thousand years, united in the Interstellar Terron Federation, they have colonized many corners of the universe. At the base of their success lies ambition. Ambition that knows no bounds. This trait drives Terrons ever forward, to conquer new territories, to discover the unknown, to move the frontier of the Federation one step forward.

The Hy’dran Empire is spreading over a large area in the known Galaxy. Dozens of legions called Shoals, under the leadership of all-powerful Primus warlords, are constantly fighting for influence and power. The Hy’dran Empire has been ruled by the iron tentacles of the oppressive Archprimus, uniting his minions by the power of the legions and the mysterious Church of the Deep Abyss.

Androids created by Terrons as the ultimate weapon against the Hy’dran Empire. These deadly machines capable of independent, abstract thinking were supposed to win the war and ensure their creators’ dominance in the Galaxy. Historians argue what went wrong with the project, and conspiracy theorists point to sabotage as the cause of the Bioss rebellion. The fact is that the greatest achievement of the Terron technology and the culmination of the artificial intelligence program – cyber-witches – proved to be the end of it.

Minegglers, commonly referred to as quartzites, are bizarre, large humanoids whose body is fully made of crystal. The quartz lifeform that developed in spite of all the known laws governing the universe is considered the oldest intelligent race in the Galaxy. Representatives of the crystal race are wise and possess unimaginable knowledge of the cosmos, transmitted from generation to generation. They are so long-lived that most organic species consider them immortal.

Star Scrappers is an original science-fiction setting, created and developed by Hexy Studio. The constantly expanding line consists of different items, including collector’s miniatures and Star Scrappers: Cave-in board game. Another one is scheduled to follow Battledrill – Star Scrappers: Orbital, a card game by the designer of Terraforming Mars, Jacob Fryxelius, will launch on Kickstarter later this year. The Star Scrappers universe is growing and more gaming products in its space western world are coming in the future!

HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 11

To play a game of Battedrill, you will need miniatures with their stat cards, dice, measure widgets (or a measure tape) and a table that will represent the battlefield of the skirmish between two opposing crews controlled by the players. Controlling your crew means performing available actions with your miniatures, such as moving, attacking or taking special actions. We have kept the rules simple and straightforward to provide dynamic battles, but also not to reduce the challenge and the tactical aspect of the game. Every model has a set of unique statistics and abilities, whose wise use is the key to victory.

HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 12

Battledrill is played between two Crews of equal size varied from 3 to 6 models. A player can compose his or her Crews from all available models from the chosen Faction, abiding the Crew Restriction value which determines how many copies of the particular model can be used.

In the base scenario of Battledrill, players gain Victory Points for such things as killing a model from an opposing Crew or transporting a Hexis piece to his or her Deployment Zone, which allows applying different strategies.

HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 13

Every model has a stat card with attributes and a description of special actions it can use. Every action costs some Adrenaline Points, and it can be used multiple times until you run out of Adrenaline Points.

HS Star Scrappers Battledrill 3D Printable Skirmish (STL) 14

If you would like to know more about the rules of Battledrill, download Quick Start Rules below.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 18 Tage und ist finanziert. Ob die STL-Dateien bereits mit Supports kommen werden, ist noch nicht zu 100% geklärt.

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