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Sniper Elite: Brettspiel-Kickstarter

Zum PC-Spiel Sniper Elite gibt es einen Brettspiel-Kickstarter.

One player takes the role of allied sniper Karl Fairburne, while up to three other players control squads of German soldiers trying to strike a balance between defending their base and hunting Karl down. The sniper player will keep Karl’s location secret from the other players by tracking their movement on their secret hidden board.

The defenders will have to use a mix of tactical planning and careful insight to track the sniper’s movements and outwit their bluffs; using their miniatures to block paths, guard vulnerable areas, and move in for the kill.

RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 1

Sniper Elite a hidden movement game of deception and deduction where knowing your enemy is as important as knowing your options. Outnumbered but not outgunned, the sniper must carefully manage their timing, as every shot you take and objective you complete gives the enemy the information needed to narrow down your position.

The defending army is powerful, but if spread too thin your vulnerabilities will be exploited. You can’t be everywhere at once, so which targets should you prioritise for defence? When you narrow down the sniper’s location, will you rush in to attack, or block their escape routes to pen them in? Your squads each have a specialist with a powerful effect, but be careful – each ability can only be used twice per game, so timing is everything. Check out the early draft rule book here!

RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 2 RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 3

Backing at the Marksman level or above lets you enhance your game with the exclusive Deluxe Upgrade Kit, with beautiful custom clay tokens and an embroidered draw bag to replace the Sniper’s shot bag; plus a unique miniature for each specialist officer. More minis will be added to the upgrade kit as extra specialists are unlocked throughout the campaign.

RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 4

Also available is the Eagle’s Nest: two expansions in a single box that will completely change the game.

The Allies expansion allows the sniper player to select their character at the beginning of the game. Featuring guest characters from the Zombie Army video game and Battle comics, each alternate sniper brings their own unique spin to the shooting mechanics. Meanwhile the Eagle’s Nest is a new map entirely set indoors for fast-paced close-quarters action, including a new board, a hidden board, solo cards and objective cards.

RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 5

There are three ways to back the game:

RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 6

Regardless which pledge you choose, your copy of the game will arrive by September 2021.

Stretch Goals:

RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 7 RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 8 RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 9 RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 10 RU Sniper Elite The Board Game 11

Additional stretch goals to be announced throughout the course of the campaign!

Sniper Elite is designed by Roger Tankersley and rising star David Thompson, co-designer of War Chest and the critically-acclaimed Undaunted. Using hidden movement for stealth and a drawstring bag to simulate the delicate tension of sniping, it’s an entirely new kind of World War 2 board game. No dice, no decks of cards, just your abilities, your instinct and your nerve.

The game is published by Rebellion Unplugged, the tabletop games and collectables division of video game publishers Rebellion. While this is our first board game project, our small team of have produced over 20 board and card games with other publishers. We’ve been working closely with the designers, developers, and artists behind the video game series to make sure the board game captures its spirit.

Solo Opponent

Every copy of the game will also include a single player mode designed by Dávid Turczi, designer of Anachrony, Teotihuacan solo and many more, and Noralie Lubbers. In this tough test of wits a solo sniper must move quickly to dodge the patrols of an onslaught of German soldiers.

Please note that while the single player mode is fully compatible with the Eagle’s Nest map, it is not compatible with the Allied Snipers module.


Come back on Wednesday August 18th at 6pm BST for a full play through of the single player mode!

Join Tom, Mike, & Roy from the Dice Tower team for their live play of Sniper Elite: The Board Game!


Please note that your pledge level does not include shipping! We will charge shipping in a pledge manager after completion of the Kickstarter. A pledge manager is simply a service which allows backers more control over their information and backing preferences than a Kickstarter survey can accommodate.

We will be fulfilling pledges through distribution hubs in the UK, EU and USA. The estimated costs are as follows, but are subject to change:

  • Continental USA: $13-18
  • UK: £12
  • EU, Canada & US Islands: £12-20
  • ROW: £25-35

Certain countries in Eastern Europe may be charged £5-8 more than other EU members, depending on their pledge level. Unfortunately cannot ship to PO Boxes or to the following countries: Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Russia, Sudan, Syria, and Ukraine.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 11 Tage und ist finanziert.

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    Soll aber wohin die Tage angepasst werden.

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