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Necromunda: Neues namhaftes Charaktermodell

Es kommt ein neuer namhafter Charakter für Necromunda, der freischaffende Arzt Doc Arachnos stellt seine Dienste künftig in die Dienste der Gangs der Makropole Primus.

Underhive Informant: A Visit to the Doctor

You’re late! Get in here and sit down. It’s time for your monthly briefing, and this time, we’ve got all the intel on Rogue Doc Arachnos, who’s quickly shooting up the list of the underhive’s most wanted.

Games Workshop Underhive Informant A Visit To The Doctor 1

As if it’s not bad enough that we have to put up with the increase in Orlock activity around here, we’re hearing about a new Rogue Doc in the underhive. Doctor Arachnos has been seen working out of Dust Falls, but the locals don’t know much about him – they say he just showed up one day. What they do know is that he’ll fix anyone up… for the right price.

Usually, we don’t worry about these kinds of characters, but this one seems to actually enjoy going out and doing his work in the field. He likes to do this so that he can personally pick up specimens for his experiments, and patients have been seen walking out of his “surgery” – if you can give it such a grand name – with all sorts of weird “upgrades”. He does most of these operations with his mechadendrites, but be wary of them – they’re not just for patching up fighters.

Games Workshop Underhive Informant A Visit To The Doctor 2

We’ve got the full case file here. Make sure that you take a good look so you know exactly what you’ll be facing.


We’re expecting to see a lot of Doctor Arachnos around, as we hear that he’ll happily join any gang. So just remember that we have a saying around the precinct house – a shock baton a day keeps the Rogue Doc away, so don’t hesitate to call in those Subjugators.

Quelle: Games Workshop


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