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Necromunda: Haus Van Saar Preview

In einer neuen Preview für Necromunda wird auf den Hintergrund von Haus Van Saar eingegangen, auf die Quelle ihrer hoch entwickelten Technologie und den schrecklichen Preis den sie dafür zu zahlen haben.

Lore – Discover the Secrets of the Van Saar in House of Artifice

House Van Saar believes in the power of brains over brawn. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the lore of this technologically advanced clan to be found in the new House of Artifice supplement.

Superiority Through Technology

If you think of Necromunda as a giant (and really quite grimy) machine, then the members of House Van Saar are its engineers. Unlike much of the Imperium, they’re not superstitious of technology and actively seek to unravel Humanity’s lost mysteries in order to progress.

At times, their actions have brought them close to accusations of tech-heresy, but the benevolence of House Helmawr has protected them – even Lord Helmawr knows the importance of being able to get his hands on the best technology.

Games Workshop Lore – Discover The Secrets Of The Van Saar In House Of Artifice 1

Timeline of Tech

Along with a look at some of the more famous Van Saar gangs, House of Artifice also includes a timeline for the clan, starting with the earliest mentions of the Van Saar. It builds through the history of the house, right up to the more recent request of Lord Helmawr to turn Hive Primus into a solar vessel. Can even the most brazen Archeoteks of House Van Saar manage to turn a hive spire into a spaceship?

Games Workshop Lore – Discover The Secrets Of The Van Saar In House Of Artifice 2

Far From Standard

At the heart of the Van Saar Clan House is their secret Standard Template Construct (STC), and it’s this that they use in their efforts to fulfill the almost impossible demands of Lord Helmawr. The new book includes more details on the STC and how it is used to create the advanced weapons and wargear that the gangs of the house are equipped with.

However, this power comes at a terrible cost – the STC releases radiation that rots away the clan members from the inside. Each of them must now permanently wear complicated survival suits just to prolong their lives.

Games Workshop Lore – Discover The Secrets Of The Van Saar In House Of Artifice 3

Young Guns

House of Artifice goes deeper than ever into the structure of the Van Saar clan. As well as looking at the experienced Archeoteks, who are the masters of the clan’s Cyberteknika, it also introduces Neoteks. These young and reckless gangers have yet to feel the full power of the STC’s debilitating effects, and are well known for flying around the underhive on their grav-cutters.

Games Workshop Lore – Discover The Secrets Of The Van Saar In House Of Artifice 4

Deadly Alliances

House Van Saar is closely associated with the noble house Catallus. Also known as the House of Masks, they’re infamous for their diplomacy and dealings, and it’s said that many people have formed alliances with House Catallus without even realising it. When Van Saar gangs need a little extra help in the underhive, it’s not unknown for a House Catallus Carnival to come to their aid.

Games Workshop Lore – Discover The Secrets Of The Van Saar In House Of Artifice 5

That’s just a taste of the awesome background that’s in the House of Artifice book. There are also new rules, new fighters, and new ways to play Van Saar gangs.

Blood Bowl und Necromunda sind unter anderem bei unserem Partner Taschengelddieb erhältlich.

Quelle: Games Workshop


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  • Jede einzelne der bisherigen Haus-Bücher war für mich als Necromundafan wie Weihnachten und Geburtstag zusammen.
    Super viel stimmigen Fluff, Tonnen an Kampagnenideen und witzige regeln, die wirklich zur Stimmung eines jeden Hauses passen und sie richtig einzigartig machen.
    Und VanSaar sind jetzt in der V3 nochmal eine ganze Stufe interessanter und einzigartiger als im klassischen Necromunda.

    Kann es kaum erwarten!

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