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MOMminiaturas: Neuheiten Kickstarter

MOMminiaturas sind mit ihren neusten Figuren auf Kickstarter unterwegs

MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter Beitrag

MOMminiaturas, is a small company of Spanish miniatures. This is our second Kickstarter campaign, the previous one has helped us a lot to learn and grow as a company. In this project, we are going to release the news that we normally get in another way on our website, but we have decided to do it via kickstarter due to various factors such as how to approach production and the fact that maintaining a stock is becoming more and more difficult due to the number of references we have accumulated in recent years.

Thanks to the previous campaign, we have been able to experiment with different forms of production, producing a quantity of just over one thousand two hundred copies per hour. To achieve this production, the resin runs must be enormous, and that is an impediment for us, since such large runs require a large economic investment in materials. The fact of releasing several references at the same time helps us at the business level so that we do not have to wait for the sales of some to release others.

We are currently working with casting resin, and with various vacuum systems, thanks to the previous campaign we have been able to acquire pressure chambers to improve the copies and we subject the molds to both techniques to achieve better results. We also increase the staff for better communication and organization, thanks to your help we can continue to grow and be able to offer more and better service.

Participating is very easy.

1. Calculate your contribution.

2. Select a level (pledge), but it is important that you do not add your shipping costs.

3. When the campaign ends you will receive a link to enter Backerkit (it is like a store with the entire catalog discounted and everything from this campaign).

4. In Backerkit you will have positive credits equal to your contribution in Kickstarter. Here you can choose another level (pledge) and more things you want.

5. Fill in your details and provide the shipping costs as if it were an online order, you will receive a second charge only for what you add and the shipping.

6. Below all the images we are going to show you more detailed information about the levels that there are to choose from, and things that you should take into account.

Die Pledges:

MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 1

With level 1 you can add add-ons and packs of the campaign and then in Backerkit you can add more things from our catalog, also you will receive all the stretch goals that are unlocked for free, but you cannot add more miniatures of the stretch goals at this level. Remember not to add shipping costs at this moment.

MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 2 1 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 2 2 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 2 3 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 2 4 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 2 5

With level 2, take all the add-ons for the campaign, they cannot be exchanged for each other. Besides you can also add more add-ons and packs to your pledge and, in Backerkit, you can select more things from our catalog. You will receive all the stretch goals that are unlocked for free, and in Backerkit, you will be able to add more of the unlocked ones. Remember not to add shipping costs at this moment.


The add-ons are ordered by category, but you can add any one and several times the same. Most of the add-ons have a discount of 50% of the price that they will have after sale.

MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 3 1 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 3 2 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 3 3 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 3 4MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 4 1 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 4 2 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 4 3 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 4 4MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 5 1 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 5 2 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 6 1 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 6 2 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 7 1 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 7 2 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 7 3 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 7 4

Apart from the Add-ons you can add the packs you want

MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 8 1 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 8 2 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 9

Stretch Goals:

MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 10 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 11 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 12 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 13 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 14 MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 15

Weitere Informationen:

  • I am Level 1, what will I receive?

If I choose level 1, in Backerkit I will have access to all the news and packs, in addition to a large part of the MOM Miniaturas catalog. Also, I will receive all the strech goals that are unlocked for free.

In Backerkit I cannot add more units of the strech goals, I will only receive one unit of each one that is unlocked.

  • I am Level 2, what will I receive?

If I choose level 2, I will receive all the add-ons (92 miniatures, in addition to the accessories shown in each image). If I am level 2, I will not receive the packs because they do not count as add-ons, but I can acquire them in the Backerkit, in addition to being able to add more units of the novelties, and access the catalog of MOM Miniaturas.

I will receive all the strech goals for free, and I will also be able to add more units of each one in BackerKit.

  • Things to keep in mind

-I must not enter the shipping amount in kickstarter, I must do it in backerkit, when I complete my data and have finished my order.

-References include everything I can see in the photos, including accessories.

-I will receive two charges, first the amount of the credits that I enter according to my level and what I want to spend; When I complete my shipping information in BackerKit, I will receive the collection of my shipping costs and of the miniatures that I want to add if applicable.

MOM Neuheiten Kickstarter 16

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 14 Tage.

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  • Bin dabei, obwohl ich noch gar keine Verwendung für vieles habe… die Riesen sind super, dem alten Imperium trauere ich eh hinterher, also was soll’s. Die Sachen vom letzten KS waren klasse. Ich habe leicht simplistische Figuren mit viel Retro Charme erwartet, aber die sind sehr gut und fein modelliert und müssen an Details die Klassenprimusse nicht fürchten.

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