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Malifaux: Geplante Neuheiten

Wyrd Games geben eine Vorschau was ihre geplanten Neuheiten bis Februar 2021 sind.

November Releases

Malifuax Explorers Society Faction Book

Explorer’s Society Faction Book – 25,00$

In the search of greatness in the vast unknown, the Explorer’s Society has masqueraded under the guise of curious adventurers for the better part of a decade. Recently, the keys to the Society have been passed on to someone far more interested – and conniving – than its founder, and with new leadership comes new ambitions. Their rapid expansion has drawn attention from every corner of Malifaux. Each new discovery is a victory for the Society, and to the victor go the spoils.

Containing all the stat cards and upgrades needed to play The Explorer’s Society within Malifaux Third Edition. This faction book also includes new stories furthering the rich background of Malifaux, including descriptions and background information for each model within the illustrious society walls.

Malifaux Explorers Society Fate Deck

Explorer’s Society Fate Deck – 13,oo$

Malifaux uses cards, not dice, and this beautifully illustrated card pack is a FATE DECK. Each Fate Deck is 100% plastic with the Malifaux suits, showcasing art from characters within the Explorer’s Society. Two Fate Decks are needed to play the game, one for each player.

Malifaux Penny Dreadful THE Obsidian Gate

Penny Dreadful: The Obsidian Gate – 25,oo$

In a sleepy seaside town along the coast of Japan, an ancient evil stirs. There, guarded by the monks that have sworn to protect it, sits a great obsidian Buddha statue. Resting in the center of its forehead is a faintly glowing gem, and behind it a dark mystery. Hidden in the shadows, a doomsday cult awaits for the most opportune time to release the ancient evil that hides behind the Obsidian Gate. Do you have what it takes to stop these fanatics from fulfilling their dark delusions?

The Obsidian Gate is a four act Penny Dreadful adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game that brings the Fated back to Earth to stop an oni-worshiping cult and the immortal spirits they have summoned from another plane of existence. This adventure requires the Core Rules to play.

Malifaux McMourning Core Box 1 Malifaux McMourning Core Box 2

McMourning Core Box – 55,00$

Faction: Ressurectionists

Keyword: Experimental


  • Dr. McMourning

  • Zombie Chihuahua

  • Sebastian

  • 3x Flesh Constructs

Malifaux Hoffman Core Box 1 Malifaux Hoffman Core Box 2

Hoffman Core Box – 60,00$

Faction: Arcanists/ Guild

Keyword: Augmented


  • Charles Hoffman

  • Mechanical Attendant

  • Mellissa K.O.R.E

  • 3x Hunter

Malifaux Servants Of The Void 1 Malifaux Servants Of The Void 2

Servants of the Void – 40,00$

Faction: Outcasts

Keyword: Obliteration


  • Scion of the Void

  • 3x Void Hunters

December Releases

Malifaux Penny Dreadful DAys Without Accident

Penny Dreadful: Days Without Accident – 25,oo$

The Corners is an idyllic part of Malifaux City that combines a bit of everything: higher class politicians from Downtown, factory workers from the Industrial Zone, and ambitious ne’er-do-wells from the NCZ. But trouble brews beneath this workday façade. Joseph Wyatt, president of the local Union chapter, has let his ambitions get the better of him. Trusted agents have gone rogue. After all, they’re doing all of Wyatt’s dirty work – maybe it’s time for a change in leadership, eh?

The Fated are brought in to help rescue an innocent bystander involved in a plot much larger than anyone in Malifaux City could have imagined. What the Fated uncover will test their loyalties, allegiances, and how willing they are to look the other way after getting a bloody nose.

Days Without Accident is a four Act adventure filled with politics and aggression for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. This adventure requires the Core Rules to play.

Malifaux Lord Cooper Core Box 1 Malifaux Lord Cooper Core Box 2

Lord Cooper Core Box – 55,00$

Faction: Explorer’s Society

Keyword: Apex


  • Lord Cooper

  • 3x Runaways

  • Model 9

  • Artemis

  • Ullr

Malifaux Nekima Core Box 1 Malifaux Nekima Core Box 2

Nekima Core Box – 60,00$

Faction: Neverborn

Keyword: Nephilim


  • Nekima

  • Blood Hunter

  • 2x Mature Nephilim

  • 2x Young Nephilim

Malifaux On The Hunt 1 Malifaux On The Hunt 2

On the Hunt – 45,00$

Faction: Explorer’s Society

Keyword: Apex


  • 2x Crypsis Corps

  • 3x Vatagi Huntsman

Malifaux Blood Brood 1 Malifaux Blood Brood 2

Blood Brood – 35,00$

Faction: Neverborn

Keyword: Nephilim


  • 2x Young Nephilim

  • 3x Terror Tot

Malifaux Yan Lo Core Box 1 Malifaux Yan Lo Core Box 2

Yan Lo Core Box – 55,00$

Faction: Resurrectionists / Ten Thunders

Keyword: Retainer


  • Yan Lo

  • Soul Porter

  • Izamu, the Armor

  • 3x Gokudo

Malifaux Deadly Performance 1 Malifaux Deadly Performance 2

Deadly Performance – 35,00$

Faction: Ten Thunders

Keyword: Qi and Gong


  • 2x Kabuki Warriors

  • 3x Bunraku

Malifaux Keeping The Peace 1 Malifaux Keeping The Peace 2

Keeping the Peace – 45,00$

Faction: Guild

Keyword: Augmented


  • Peacekeeper

  • 3x Watcher

January Releases

Malifaux Zoraida Core Box 1 Malifaux Zoraida Core Box 2

Zoraida Core Box – 60,00$

Faction: Neverborn

Keyword: Swampfiend


  • Zoraida

  • Voodoo Doll

  • Bad Juju

  • 3x Waldgeist

Malifaux Malisaurus Rex 1 Malifaux Malisaurus Rex 2

Malisaurus Rex – 45,00$

Faction: Explorer’s Society

Keyword: Apex, Fae


  • Malisaurus Rex

Malifaux Wanderlust 1 Malifaux Wanderlust 2

Wanderlust – 40,00$

Faction: Explorer’s Society

Keyword: Versatile


  • Jessie Halliday

  • Bellhop Porter

  • Alpinist

Malifaux Sandworm 1 Malifaux Sandworm 2

Sandworm – 18,00$

Faction: Explorer’s Society

Keyword: Frontier


  • Sand Worm

Malifaux Heavy Metal 1 Malifaux Heavy Metal 2

Heavy Metal – 45,00$

Faction: Arcanists

Keyword: Elemental, Foundry


  • Metal Golem

  • 3x Metal Gamin

Malifaux Residents Of Rottenburg 1 Malifaux Residents Of Rottenburg 2

Residents of Rottenburg – 50,00$

Faction: Resurrectionists

Keyword: Versatile


  • Asura Roten

  • 5x Mindless Zombie

Malifaux Cutting Edge Technology 1 Malifaux Cutting Edge Technology 2

Cutting Edge Technology – 35,00$

Faction: Outcasts

Keyword: Freikorps


  • Lazarus

  • 2x Freikorps Engineer

Malifaux Mourners 1 Malifaux Mourners 2

Mourners – 18,00$

Faction: Resurrectionists

Keyword: Redchapel, Revenant


  • 2x Mourners

February Releases

Malifaux Through The Breach From Nightmares

Through the Breach: From Nightmares – 45,oo$

From Nightmares guides you through the dark and deep to where only monsters roam.

From Nightmares is an expansion for Through the Breach, a tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Malifaux. From Nightmares focuses on the Neverborn, the native, twisted denizens that lurk in the shadows. Play as one of the many Neverborn species, navigating your way through the lost histories of the Neverborn, stumbling upon ancient Magia and Immuto, and fighting back with wicked blades and blackest tongues.

This book provides a host of interesting new possibilities for players and Fatemasters alike. expanding on the options presented in the Core Rules, giving players new ways to bring their Fated to life. By combining the choices in this book with other expansion books, players and Fatemasters will have the tools they need to create new, compelling narratives about power and the various ways it can be shifted and altered.

Malifaux English Ivan Core Box 1 English Ivan Core Box 2

English Ivan Core Box – 55,00$

Faction: Explorer’s Society

Keyword: DUA, Umbra


  • English Ivan

  • Mr. Mordrake

  • Gibson Dewalt

  • Eva Havenhand

  • 3x Daeva

Malifaux Anya Core Box 1 Malifaux Anya Core Box 2

Anya Core Box – 55,00$

Faction: Explorer’s Society

Keyword: Syndicate


  • Anya Lycarayen

  • Sovereign

  • Winston Finnigan

  • 3x Surveyor

Malifaux Dirty Work 1 Malifaux Dirty Work 2

Dirty Work – 24,00$

Faction: Explorer’s Society

Keyword: DUA, Syndicate


  • Corvis Rook

  • 2x Operative

Malifaux Razorspine Rattlers 1 Malifaux Razorspine Rattlers 2

Razorspine Rattlers – 35,00$

Faction: Neverborn

Keyword: Chimera


  • 3x Razorspine Rattler

Malifaux Rank And File 1 Malifaux Rank And File 2

Rank and File – 45,00$

Faction: Guild

Keyword: Guard


  • 2x Sergeant

  • 4x Guard Patrol

Malifaux Corrupted Hounds 1 Malifaux Corrupted Hounds 2

Corrupted Hounds – 27,00$

Faction: Neverborn

Keyword: Nephilim


  • 4x Corrupted Hounds

Malifaux Silent Strike 1 Malifaux Silent Strike 2

Silent Strike – 30,00$

Faction: Ten Thunders

Keyword: Versatile


  • Lone Swordsman

  • 3x Samurai

Quelle: Wyrd Games


Seit 2010 im Hobby. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Harad, Khand und Ostlinge), Saga Ära der Magie (Die Untoten Legionen), WarmaHordes (Crucible Guard, Söldner und Circle), Summoners (Erde), Konflikt 47 (Briten)

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  • Wyrd soll langsam mal mit den versprochenen Übersetzungen der Charakterkarten um die Ecke kommen.
    Oder dann wenigstens sagen, ob die überhaupt noch kommen.

  • Und auch hier wirklich tolle Illustrationen und (3D Render) Miniaturen. Am meisten angetan hat es mir ja die Lord Cooper Box.
    Schade dass das bei uns keiner spielt ☹️

  • Wieder ein Haufen schöner Sachen, die ich zum Glück nicht… (naja, vielleicht doch eine Box) brauche.

    Auch wenn der Zusammenbau der Figuren jeweils mein persönlicher Alptraum ist.

    • Alptraum…wenn nach einer Stunde des Zusammenbaus, die Hand der Figur auf den Boden fällt und sie einfach nicht mehr auffindbar ist…

      Die Explorer sind der Hammer…

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