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Luxumbra: Equipe Mirage-5

Aller guten Dinge sind drei – deswegen gibt es jetzt – nachdem sowohl Preis, als auch farbige Bilder verfügbar sind – noch eine finale News zu Luxumbras neuer Infinity Figur.

EQUIPE MIRAGE 5 75mm Y 110mm 1 EQUIPE MIRAGE 5 75mm Y 110mm 2 1 EQUIPE MIRAGE 5 75mm Y 110mm 3 EQUIPE MIRAGE 5 75mm Y 110mm 4

Luxumbra: Equipe Mirage-5 – 89,95 EUR (ohne Base) / 99,95 (mit Base)

Preorder with estimated shipping: End of September.

Features of Equipe Mirage – 5

This miniature is reproduced on a bigger scale than the game, which makes it the perfect choice to paint and collect alongside all the other epic characters of the Infinity game..

  • BoxArt: Sergio Calvo Miniatures
  • Sculptor: Javier Ureña.
  • Miniature of high quality resin by BigChild Creatives.
  • 14 pieces unmounted and unpainted.
  • Height: 75 mm & 110mm
  • Base is not included.
  • Under Corvus Belli Infinity license.

EQUIPE MIRAGE 5 75mm Y 110mm 1base Figura EQUIPE MIRAGE 5 75mm Y 110mm 1base Escénica 3 EQUIPE MIRAGE 5 75mm Y 110mm 1base Escénica 2

Scenic Base

  • Material: extremely resistant high density cardboard (MDF) & methacrylate.
  • Design & Manufacture: Laser Army Scenery
  • Size: 100x100x50mm

Equipe Mirage – 5

“Jumping off a plane is worth it just to see the looks on their faces when I’m falling on top of them.” – Sgt. Lafayette Duroc, Mirage-5 Dog-warrior.

“Sometimes, no matter how able you are to wreak havoc, you need some blunt support… someone capable of putting the cherry on top of a successful mission. If I’m being honest if she weren’t on my side I would be terrified of her capacity for action, and how she eliminates the enemy with ease even before they become a bother. She’s like a devastating storm, destroying everything in her way without any regard. I wouldn’t hesitate to trust her with my life, which I actually do every single time we are deployed on a mission. I never thought it would be so easy to team up with someone.”

– Sgt. Lafayette Duroc, Mirage-5 Dog-warrior, Mirage-5 team member. Teamwork assessment extract regarding his teammate Lt.Margot Berthier.

Jetzt muss man vorzugsweise natürlich entsprechend malen können, damit das ganze ein schönes Stück und nicht nur ein ungewöhnlich teurer Briefbeschwerer wird.

Link: Luxumbra

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  • Die Katalog Bemalung ist wirklich schick geworden und fängt das alte Artwork sehr gut ein.

    Und das der Preis unter 100€ geblieben ist freut auch.

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