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Lost Kingdom: November Patreon

Es geht im November wieder in den Dschungel bei Lost Kingdom Miniatures.

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Hello to all!

Here we bring you the PREVIEW of the month of November. As we always like to put you in context of some of the things we do, we leave you a little bit of the background of this release:

– Coatl Guard

– Coatl Guard CG

The Coatl Guard is the elite troop of Technochtitlan. Trained at the Sanctuary of Ehecatl, these saurians are evolving into an improved version of the normal Ezocamatl: bigger, stronger, more agile and faster. Equipped with two-handed weapons, and with a huge drum announcing their arrival, the Coatl Guard wreaks havoc on the morale of their enemies, and on their armor, to take hearts torn from their chests and eat them to increase their power.

– Ahuatli V1

– Ahuatli V2

The ahuatli is a wolf disguised as a sheep. With the appearance of a docile armored herbivore, and moving slowly in groups of at least four individuals, these skilled predators manage to approach their prey without raising the slightest suspicion until it’s too late. Equipped with powerful maces full of spikes, they don’t need more than a good shot to finish the job.

– Ahuatli babies

In the bloody jungles of Cuetzpal there’s no only death. There’s life everywhere, every plant, animal or even rock have something special wich brings a magical atmosphere to this place. Here we leave you these cute Ahuatli babies to use them to distract the enemy while mom and dad get ready to attack.

– Colohti

The colohti are the true sheep of the flock. Herbivorous and peaceful by nature, these creatures graze at will in large groups throughout the day. This does not mean that they are not hard as rocks and that they do enjoy seeing Ahuatlis roaming around their flock. So they occasionally let out a good sledgehammer and some unready Ahuatli flies away.

The files with and without support will be uploaded on November 3rd (Tuesday). Pre-supported files will be included for all tiers.

Link: Lost Kingdom Miniatures auf Patreon


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  • Ich finde ja die Tempelwacen sind die schlechtesten Minis von den Kollegen,
    Alles andere finde ich wirklich genial.

    Wer also eine Alternative zu GW sucht bekommt meiner Meinung nach richtig gutes Zeug

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