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GW: Wochenvorschau mit Generals Handbook 2020 und Blood Bowl

Games Workshop geben ein Ausblick auf die kommenden Neuheiten, mit dem Generals Handbook 2020 und Blood Bowl.

Sunday Preview: Calling All Generals!

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Calling All Generals! 1

Fans of the Mortal Realms have a good reason to celebrate, as the 2020 edition of the annual General’s Handbook is just around the corner! Blood Bowl coaches who are looking to mix things up will want to pay close attention as well. Take a look at this week’s video, and then check out the details below.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

No matter how you like to roll in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, there’s something for you in this year’s General’s Handbook. The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Studio has once again analysed feedback and tournament results, and made some points adjustments to help balance the armies. But balance adjustments aren’t all you can expect from this book – you’ll get a new way to play battles in the skies, rules to create your own bespoke heroes, and complete rulesets for multiplayer gaming. In fact, this year’s General’s Handbook is chock full of ways to play games with more than 2 players, whether you’re looking for a narrative experience with deal-making and back-stabbing or want to throw down with the balanced tactical challenge of a war on two fronts, this year’s General’s Handbook has you covered and then some.

If you like to stay organised, you’ll want to grab the Warlord Edition, which includes tokens and reference cards to help your games run smoothly.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Calling All Generals! 2

If you just want the book and Pitched Battle Profiles booklet, the General’s Handbook 2020 is also available in standard softback and ePub editions.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Calling All Generals! 3

We’ll dig deeper into the contents later this week, but suffice to say if you play Warhammer Age of Sigmar, you don’t want to skip this essential update.

Prefer your fantasy setting a little sillier and involving more touchdowns? We got you.

Blood Bowl

The next Blood Bowl team is, well… complicated. Spike! Journal 9 is focused on hybrid teams with unlikely combinations of players from multiple teams hitting the pitch in volatile alliances. But, they’re united in a common purpose – winning games!

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Calling All Generals! 4

Grab this issue to learn about three different categories of mixed teams – Chaos Renegades, Underworld Denizens and Old World Alliance Teams. You’ll discover why they formed – including some hilarious dugout mishaps and violent misunderstandings – the best ways to coach them to victory, and how their rosters and Star Players work in your games. There will also be puns. Lots of puns.

Order Spike! Journal 9 in a standard 36-page softback magazine format and digital ePub editions.

If you don’t already have all the constituent models to put together a mixed team, you’re going to love these mashup kits!

Underworld Creepers

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Calling All Generals! 5

This box mixes and matches the contents of both the Goblin and Skaven teams in one kit. You’ll also get extra balls, team tokens, and trackers since both teams’ accessories are included on their respective frames. It’s a really cool way to enjoy more of the incredible Blood Bowl model range while coaching just one team! Plus, each team member has a unique pose since no sprues are repeated! You’ll also find a combined Underworld Creepers transfer sheet so you can give them a unified look. Now, if only you could make them get along better…

Middenheim Maulers

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Calling All Generals! 6

While we’ve seen Chaos Renegades and Underworld Denizens in previous editions of Blood Bowl, this cracking new team of the ‘good guys’ comprises Human, Dwarf, and Halfling players. This mix makes for a very well-rounded team (and we’re not just talking about the little fellers’ ample bellies) that hits hard and can handle just about anything. Alongside the players, you’ll get team accessories and balls from the Human and Dwarf frames in the kit.

Make sure you order the Old World Alliance Team Card Pack to keep track of the many positions, stats, and special rules during your games.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Calling All Generals! 7

Of course, these teams need somewhere to play their games, and this double-sided pitch will cover both Old World Alliance and Underworld Denizens arenas. These themed pitches really evoke the exciting mashup of cultures represented in each team, and include matching dugouts for each.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Calling All Generals! 8

That adrenaline-fuelled sports action got you all wound up?

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy-In erhältlich.

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  • Interessant also wird es die Indomitus Box für 40k erst ab dem 11.7. zum Vorbestellen geben und dann wahrscheinlich mit einer 14 tägigen Vorbestellungsphase, wie bei der 8. 40k Edition!?

  • Gemischte Blood Bowl Teams. Da erinnere ich mich doch glatt an meine Zeiten mit der zweiten Edition. Wenn sich meine Spieler aufgrund von miesen Würfen auf der Animositäten-Tabelle lieber untereinander gehauen haben, anstatt mit der anderen Mannschaft. Oder der Werfer sich weigert zum Fänger zu passen 🙂
    Ob das hier wohl ähnlich umgesetzt wird?

    • Es gibt die Regel noch in der aktuellen Edition, sie bezieht sich aber nur noch auf das Passen- zu finden bisher bei den chaos renegades.
      Man muss testen- bei ner 1 muss man den Ball zu jemanden der gleichen Rasse passen, sonst gibt es einen Turnover.

  • Das neue gemischte BB Team wirkt erstmal sehr stark. Ein Malus auf’s Passen zwischen den Völkern wäre mMn. keine ausreichende Einschränkung. Mal schauen wie viele Positionals erlaubt sind.

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