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Footsore Miniatures: Banzuiin Chōbei und Yoshito the Rōnin

Footsore Miniatures haben zwei Neuzugänge für ihrer Warring Clan Range.

Footsore Miniatures Banuiin Chobei

Banzuiin Chōbei – 4,50€

Banzuiin Chōbei was a historical street tough or otokodate (street knight) who, according to later fictionalised portrayals of his life in literature and drama, fought against injustices, to protect the common people from the abuses of the samurai aristocracy.

Born in Karatsu as Tsukamoto Itarō, he established himself in the Asakusa district, leading a band of machi-yakko (early yakuza) and founded an employment agency for rōnin. Trained as a warrior, he was renowned for his swordsmanship. In Asakusa, Chōbei led a kumi (group or gang) opposing the hatamoto-yakko seeking to control the area’s markets. Finally, history tells us he was eventually killed by said hatamoto Mizuno Jūrozaemon.

The Last Days of Banzuiin Chōbei is a dramatic scene from a kabuki drama about his final days. His enemy, the samurai Jūrozaemon, attacks him while at a bathhouse and without his weapons lunging at Chōbei with his spear, while another attacker thrusts with his sword. With an angry grimace, Chōbei pushes away the handle of the spear while defending himself with a makeshift weapon against the katana. Unable to kill him in combat, his enemies lock the doors setting the bathhouse alight ending the life of this Japanese folk hero.

Pack contains one miniature.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Spears (if applicable) and 25mm MDF round bases supplied.

Footsore Miniatures Yoshito The Ronin

Yoshito the Rōnin – 4,50€

Left without to fend for themselves following either the death or disgrace of their master or their own fall from grace, rōnin were itinerant samurai who drifted across feudal Japan. They often made a living as mercenaries or bodyguards.

The word rōnin literally means „wave man“ illustrating a samurai who is socially adrift.

Pack contains one miniature and a 25mm MDF round base.  Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

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  • Die Miniaturen sind OK; die Studiobemalung ist in diesen Zeiten der Profimaler fast ungewöhnlich.
    Gefällt mir aber, dass bei Footsore gut für den Tisch bemalte Minis gezeigt werden, statt dann gleich auf Farbe zu verzichten und langweilige Nackte Minis zu zeigen.

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