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Deep Cut Studio: Book of RPG maps 2

Deep Cut haben ein neues Buch mit Rollenspielkarten vorgestellt.

DCS Book Of RPG Maps Vol2 1 DCS Book Of RPG Maps Vol2 2 DCS Book Of RPG Maps Vol2 3 DCS Book Of RPG Maps Vol2 4 DCS Book Of RPG Maps Vol2 5 DCS Book Of RPG Maps Vol2 6

Book of RPG maps vol2 – 34,90

Book of RPG Maps is the Game Masters essentials to run the greatest tabletop RPGs.

It features 24 different maps, each in two A3 size pages. The page surface is covered in a special laminate that is compatible with water based or whiteboard markers and can be wiped clean with simple damp cloth or paper towel. The maps have a layer of 1 inch grid making a playable area of 16 x 22 inches for each map. They feature visuals and textures suitable with recommended heroic (~32 mm) miniatures scale. The maps are ready to use for any adventure right away or can be adjusted to suit specific scenarios or environments with a few drawn details.

Quelle: Deep Cut Studio


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