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Star Wars Armada: Separatist Fighter Squadrons

Fantasy Flight Games zeigen die Jäger der Separatisten.

FFG Separatist Fighter Squadrons 2

“You lose, General Kenobi!”
–General Grievous, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

The Separatist Alliance’s strength is drawn from sheer numbers. Nowhere is this more evident than in the epic space battles of Star Wars™: Armada, where the Separatist Navy can unleash swarms of cheap, mass-produced fighters that can overwhelm even the most experienced Jedi Masters in their Delta-7 Aethersprites.

As the game begins exploring the Clone Wars, the Separatist Alliance Fleet Starterlays the foundation for your starfighter assault with four squadrons of deadly Vulture-class Droid Fighters, but this is only the beginning. Soon you’ll be able to tap into the vast array of starfighters the Separatists deployed during the Clone Wars with the Separatist Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack!

This expansion gives you access to eight additional Separatist fighter squadrons, including two Hyena-class Droid Bomber squadrons, two Droid Tri-Fighter squadrons, two Belbullab-22 Starfighter squadrons, and an additional two Vulture-class Droid Fighter squadrons. The Separatists are always looking for ways to improve their droid starfighters, and 10 squadron cards invite you to choose between four standard squadrons and six more exotic and experimental variants.

Join us today as we take a full look at everything in the Separatist Fighter Squadron Expansion Pack!

FFG Separatist Fighter Squadrons 3

Destructive Droids

Mass production has many advantages. For the Separatist Alliance, it means they can build an army and navy rather than recruit one. The Vulture-class Droid Fighter Squadron is the purest expression of this philosophy. These droids feature the same speed, hull value, and ability to swarm enemy squadrons at the same cost as an Imperial TIE Fighter squadron, but with even more benefits.

In addition to removing the risk of losing irreplaceable organic pilots, droid starfighters come with the added advantage of artificial intelligence that help them take on specialized roles with Separatist attack groups. Vulture droid AI in particular gives them some extra firepower while attacking squadrons if they’ve been activated by a squadron command, but this is only the basic model.

The squadron designated DFS-311 is even more intelligent, combining the ability to force an attacker to re-roll a die during an obstructed attack against it with the benefits of defense tokens and the Intel keyword. This intel is particularly valuable for friendly squadrons flying within distance 1 of DFS-311, as it grants them the Grit to keep moving while they are engaged by only one squadron.

FFG Separatist Fighter Squadrons 4

Vulture-class Droid Fighters are only the beginning of the Separatist starfighter onslaught. The faction features a variety of different models, each with its own specifications and role to play. Rather than focus on enemy squadrons, the Hyena-class Droid Bomber’s AI is programmed to inflict maximum damage to enemy ships. This programming becomes even more nuanced if you choose to deploy some Baktoid Prototypes that can improve their accuracy when a friendly bomber squadron is at distance one of the defender. DBS-404, on the other hand, shows little regard for its own safety, instead choosing to ramp up its own firepower while it is touching the defender at the cost of suffering damage.

While the Vulture-class Droid Fighter is designed to overwhelm opponents with superior numbers, the Droid Tri-Fighter is more in line with traditional interceptors. Its speed and ability to counter the attacks of enemy squadron make it ideal for hunting down and eliminating squadrons that stand between you and your target.

FFG Separatist Fighter Squadrons 5

Like the Separatists other droid squadrons, Tri-Fighters also come in two variants that prove even more effective at this task. Simple but deadly, the attacks of DIS-T81 cannot be obstructed, helping it Snipe squadrons from a distance while ignoring their Counter keyword. The Phlac-Arphocc Prototypes are even more straightforward, causing any enemy squadron that ends its activation at distance one to suffer one damage.

Droid fighters may make up the bulk of Separatist fighter squadrons, but they are actually only one facet of a larger strategy. The faction’s leaders often enter the fight in squadrons of Belbullab-22 starfighters that use screens of droids as cover. These distractions give the Belbullab pilots a much better chance to dodge enemy fire by forcing attackers to reroll dice.

FFG Separatist Fighter Squadrons 6

Better still, having the Belbullab-22 so close to friendly droid helps ensure that they stick to their protocols. As long as they are in range to be activated, these ships can always relay squadron commands to a squadron at distance 1–3. If the squadron is led by none other than General Grievous himself, it can relay commands to an additional squadron while also piling on the damage to ships or squadrons with no readied defense tokens.

Strength in Numbers

The Galactic Republic may have elite clone troopers and Jedi Masters, but the Separatist Alliance has the technological advantages in the epic space battles of the Clone Wars. Use it to the fullest with the Separatist Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack!

Star Wars Armada ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy-In erhältlich.

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Asmodee.

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