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Cult of Vile Rattus: Kickstarter

ThatEvilOne hat einen Kickstarter für 3D-Modelle des Cheese-Stealer Cults gestartet.

Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter

Cult of Vile Rattus – Kickstarter

Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter2 Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter3 Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter4 Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter5 Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter6


Hello 3D Printing Tabletop Community! I am a Vancouver based Animator more commonly known as ThatEvilOne in 3D printing circles and this has been the project I have been working on for quite a long time.

VILE RATTUS! is a kickstarter representing a single sect of the cheese stealer cults spread across our world. It Includes a wide array of high quality sculpts and dynamic poses that can be used in table top board gaming or scaled up for those who wise to have a completely unique collectible.

To help better make this a reality I have partnered with onepagerules to have a full army list written up to support the models I’ve made. This way you can take your rats straight to the battlefield! Included to all backers will be the Core OPR Rulebooks and the Army Rules in PDF format.

Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter7 Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter8


Every sculpt I make will be exported as a high fidelity STL file, that you can print at home with either FDM or resin 3D printers. My Goal is to provide you the ability to muster a warband, gang or army that your friends and local gaming group has never seen before. Something you can truly feel proud of setting on the table or display self. The files I’ll provide are for personal use. Sharing Links and STLs is extremely prohibited (check the rules at the end of the this page).

Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter9 Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter10


The Core Set is the collection of models that make up the sub cult of VILE RATTUS!other sub cults will get made as stretch goals unlock but for launch these are the models you are guaranteed to get. The Core Set it delivered to our backers immediately when the campaign ends. The Core Set Includes:

Characters (All with alternative poses)

  • Cult Warlock
  • Warren Lord
  • Brood Banners
  • Shockvermin Abomi-rat
  • Tunnel Rider Pack Leaders
  • Hashassin with Snipers
  • Hashassins with Rondels and claws
  • Brood Guard
  • Cult Engineer
  • Slave Overseer
  • Mutagenix Molder
  • Brood Mother

Cult Squads (All squads come with weapon options)

  • Cult Vermin x22
  • Cult Clawpack x18
  • Cult Shockvermin x10
  • Cult Tunnel Riders x10

Cult Vehicles

  • Cult Halftrack, Designation: Gnawtread
  • Cult walker, Designation: Wiird Lancer
  • Transport Truck, Designation: Warren Drill

Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter11 Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter12


Thanks to Stretch Goals VILE RATTUS! Doesn’t have to be the only sub clan I deliver to you. As each one unlocks I will immediately start working on the models and rigs necessary to flesh out the entirety of the Cheese Stealer Cult. As with The Core Set each Stretch Goal will have have an alternative pose if it’s a character or if a squad a full roster with options for how to equip them for battle. Due to the nature of production Unlocked Stretch Goals won’t be releasing immediately after the campaign but will launch in Sub Cult packs as soon as they are completed, I will also keep you guys fully up to date as each Goal is produced.

  • ✅ – CA$3k – Additional Clawpack and Vermin poses taking a more comedic approach to poses – FUNDED
  • ✅ – CA$4k- Passengers for both the Warren Drill and Gnawtread – FUNDED
  • ✅ – CA$5k – RATTUS MONSTRUM SUB CULT! – Bomb rats and Rat Swarms (Squad) – FUNDED
  • CA$10k – Monstrum Giant Ogre Rats – (Squad)
  • CA$15k – Monstrum Ogre Rat with Palanquin and warlord – (Character)
  • CA$20k – Monstrum Wolf Rats – (Squad)
  • CA$25k – Monstrum Demonic Rat lord – (Character)
  • CA$30k – MORTIS RATTUS SUB CULT! – Wolf Rat Riders (Squad)
  • CA$35k – Mortis Heavy Weapon Teams – (Squad)
  • CA$40k – Mortis Cult Vermin – (Squad)
  • CA$45k – Mortis Marshal And Wolf Rat Mounted Marshal – (Characters)
  • CA$50k – Mortis Armoured Car + assorted tank crew – (Vehicle)
  • CA$55k – Mortis Artillery Crew – (Squad)
  • CA$60k – RATTUS AERIUM SUB CULT! – VTOL Transport/gunship – (Vehicle)
  • CA$65k – Aerium Cult Vermin – (Squad)
  • CA$70k – Aerium Shockvermin – (Squad)
  • CA$75k – Aerium Cult and Shock Lieutenants – (Characters)
  • CA$80k – Aerium Heavy Weapons Teams – (Squads)
  • CA$85k – Aerium Light and Heavy Warbuggies – (Vehicle)
  • CA$90k – Assorted Casualties and vehicle wrecks for basing and terrain
  • CA$100k – ALL RIGS IN FBX FORMAT – Allowing anyone to create their own custom rats in any 3D program for personal use! Added to the Highest Tier

Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter13 Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter14


If you enjoy 3D printing and collecting minatures as much as I love to make the rigs and pose them then this is definately the Kickstarter for you. With your backing we can go on to unlock more and more of the Cheese Stealer Cult world through Sub Cults MONSTRUM, MORTIS and AERIUM. While the land scape is changing there is a criminal shortage of scifi inspired rat models or just rat models in general, so this is an opportunity to open the floor to a relatively unique theme and race. Something I know collectors and wargamers alike will appreciate!

Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter15 Cult Of Vile Rattus Kickstarter16

Pledge Level:

Cheddar! – 4,00 CAD

Don’t have a printer? Waiting to see how the campaign develops? Still want to see the cult rise and the rat apocalypse over take the galaxy? This is the tier for you!
No Rewards here outside my eternal gratitude, you will however see all the updates, be able to give direct feed back and can let you sneakily upgrade at the last minute in true ratty fashion.

Brie! – 30,00 CAD

Cheese Stealer Cult Leaders!


  • All Character STLs (24 sculpts total!)
  • 14 Individual Characters
  • 2 Poses Each
  • Onepagerules Core Rule Book and Vile Rattus Rule Book PDFs

Mozzarella! – 50,00 CAD

Cheese Stealer Cult Squads!


  • All Cult Squad STLs
  • 50+ Sculpts Spread across 4 squads!
  • A Wide Range of Weapon Options for All Squads
  • Onepagerules Core Rule Book and Vile Rattus Rule Book PDFs
  • Everything in the Previous Tiers

Gouda! – 60,00 CAD

Cheese Stealer Cult Vehicles!


  • Cult Halftrack
  • Warren Drill
  • Warlock Lancer Walker
  • Onepagerules Core Rule Book and Vile Rattus Rule Book PDFs
  • Everything in the Previous Tiers


Die Kampagne hat ihr 2000 CAD mit derteit 7.400+ CAD erreicht und endet am 26. Juli 2020 20:59 CEST.

Link: Cult of Vile Rattus Kickstarter

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