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Crooked Dice: Previews

Crooked Dice zeigt auf Facebook Previews des Dr. Fiske für die geplante Cthulhu Erweiterungen von 7TV Pulp „Lurkers from the Deep“.

Crooked Dice Dr. Fiske1 Crooked Dice Dr. Fiske2 Crooked Dice Dr. Fiske3 Crooked Dice Dr. Fiske4

Crooked Dice – Dr. Fiske

The abominable Dr Fiske – sculpted by Iain Colwell. Fiske is one of the villainous Stars from the Lurkers From the Deep feature pack. Guide and accessories cards have all been laid out. Just eight more miniatures to get sculpted and some illustration work, but nearly ready to unleash this onto the world.
The schedule is packed, but currently planning on this as the next Kickstarter, as there is game, miniatures, resin terrain and a new range of New England buildings designed with Sarissa Precision. 2021 is going to be busy!

Quelle: Crooked Dice Game Design Studio auf Facebook

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