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Core Space: Dangerous Days Previews

Battle Systems haben neue Previews für Core Space gezeigt.

BS Core Space Dangerous Days Previews 1

We’ve got an exciting update today – we’re unveiling the awesome cover art for the new Core Space: Dangerous Days book! What do you think?

Pre-orders will be up on the site as soon as we’ve confirmed the delivery dates with our suppliers. In the meantime, there’s 10% off EVERYTHING until the end of Sunday 🙂

BS Core Space Dangerous Days Previews 2

It’s not just Civilians, we have two new expansions coming up for Core Space. Here are some of the Rogue Purge joining your games very soon. Let us know what you think in the comments!

BS Core Space Dangerous Days Previews 3

The artwork for Salazar went down pretty well last week. Now check him out in 3D!

We’re going to get this on the printer – real minis coming very soon!

BS Core Space Dangerous Days Previews 4

Partner in crime to Salazar from the other day, Molly is another of our Scavengers – a new type of NPC that will run around the board looting the crates before you get a chance!

You’ll see more of Molly on the cover for our new Dangerous Days book – keep following the page and we’ll share the cover art soon!

BS Core Space Dangerous Days Previews 5

Salazar was raised by Human parents and taught to do the only job they knew themselves – scavenging. He grew up dirt poor but happy and his natural sanguine temperament was a comfort to his adopted family. He is a gifted scavenger, fast and nimble, and, when he is not wearing his pressure suit he can literally squeeze through the smallest gaps.

Salazar is part of the Shift Change at MegaCorps expansion, coming soon to Core Space…

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