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Black Site Studio: Hex City Prime

Black Site Studio veröffentlich ein MDF Set mit futuristischen Gebäuden für Spiele in 6mm bzw. 1/300.

Black Site Studio  Hex City Prime2 Black Site Studio  Hex City Prime3 Black Site Studio  Hex City Prime4 Black Site Studio  Hex City Prime5 Black Site Studio  Hex City Prime1

Black Site Studio – Hex City Prime –  101,99 USD

The towering blocks of square buildings make the perfect cover for the mechanized units as they rumble through the streets of Hex City Prime. The sheen of the perfect glass reflects the dull military drab of the squads who have taken cover in the long shadows of alleyways and awnings. Soon the perfection of this place will be destroyed like all the other cities on this continent.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring this excellent range of 6mm buildings to the tabletop! Designed in collaboration with our great friends at Death Ray Designs, this bundle is all you need to build out a table for hex-based games such as BattleTech.

In this bundle you will receive all 11 pre-painted kits as shown in the photos! Designed with the standard hex size of 1.25″

Miniatures are shown for scale purposes only. Colors may vary slightly from the photos. Kits require assembly.

This product will be shipping in late December 

Link: www.blacksitestudio.com

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