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Anyaral: Civilians of Lanakar Kickstarter

Eigentlich geplant als Releases für die diesjährige Salute sind die neusten Bewohner der World of Twilight nun auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

Anyaral: Civilians of Lanakar

Launching the group of civilians who were meant to be released at Salute 2020!

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 1

We had grand plans for Salute 2020 in London, with a fantastic new demo table and a range of new releases! But as with many others our plans fell somewhat by the wayside as the world has been a bit turned on its head…

While there are far more important things to worry about at the moment, we like to think that our creations bring a little pleasure so we are running this kickstarter to give you a chance to get hold of the new figures.

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 2 Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 3

The Civilians of Lanakar – painted by Joe Karame

This year’s releases were largely sculpted in response to Martin Clark’s rather beautiful city board! A few months ago Martin offered to host a participation game at Salute. He did get a little carried away though and built a bustling city based on a sketch of mine from Inktober 2018…


Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 4

The bustling streets of Tan

The city pictured is Tan, which lies close to the great city of Lanakar, home to many of the trader families that travel across Anyaral. These cities bustle with travellers (even playing host to the occasional passing Delgon priest). As any of you who have spent time in Anyaral will know, I do like to sculpt the civilians who wander the streets and this was a perfect excuse to bring a few sketches to life.

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 5

Martin’s beautiful interpretation of the riverside city of Tan!

Most of this set of sculpts are civilians to populate the scene. Martin always stayed one set ahead of me with converting his own population, but did ask me for a ‚fishwife‘ to look after his fish stall and I thought I should oblige on that request! I also sculpted a little jenta selling his own bucket of tentacles as a Salute special. We then have the Alora handler (with three alora), a handcart and a riverfolk captain. The one figure that is slightly out of place is the rather well-fed Delgon Overseer. He is a reasonably senior priest who has been stationed down in the pleasant climes of Teral and has become rather too accustomed to the pleasures of life! I guess he’s been out travelling…

I’m planning to give more details about each of the characters over the course of the campaign.


We are keeping this campaign very simple so that we can be sure to deliver it as soon as possible with the least risk of delays. There is just one main pledge level, consisting of the full set of Salute releases* that went together on a single master mould. These models fit nicely into a small box that will go straight through your letterbox!

All the models will be available through the store at a later date, except for the tentacle seller – I’ll be keeping him as a show/event special!

* The models are cast in white metal (no lead content) and supplied unpainted with a mix of plastic and wood bases. Most models are single part, except for the handcart which requires a little assembly. I should also add that the handcart has mismatched wheels (you could say this is down to the fact that this is a set of master casts, but I like to think he had an accident en route to market and had to buy a replacement wheel!)

Stretch Goals:

I’m not strictly doing stretch goals for this campaign, but I had a couple of extras I wanted to add if the campaign went well! The first is the enuk vulgaris, which is being added to every set of civilians:

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 6

I’ve got a couple of little stretch goals for figures that were on the mould, but weren’t intended for release at Salute. More on those as we progress!

I’m not doing any add-ons for this campaign. If your parcel is heading round the world and you would like to add any extra bits then let me know and I’ll get back to you on the extra postage.

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 7

I don’t need to tell people that this is a strange time. I’m keeping this whole campaign simple to try and get fun toys out to people in spite of that, but there are obviously some concerns.

We have a few sets ready to go and assuming nothing changes we will get these sent out as soon as the campaign is complete. We will be ordering more casts but it is hard to be certain how long they will take. Our usual caster is still open, but they are being very sensible and looking after their staff so can’t guarantee their usual efficiency. I’m hoping everything will get produced and sent out quickly anyway!

I’m avoiding any new products and anything that won’t fit into a parcel that will squeeze comfortably through a postbox. I am also charging more for international postage this time so I can send everything tracked as there is a bit more risk of parcels going astray.

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 8

Here are a few pictures of models from the campaign.

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 9

Martain al Griba with a scratch-built fish stand – painted by Martin Clark

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 10

The handcart – painted by Joe Karame

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 11

The Captain – painted by Joe Karame

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 12

Alora Handler – painted by Martin Clark

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 13

Tentacle seller – painted by Joe Karame

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 14

Handcart and enuk vulgaris – painted by Mike Strong

Anyaral Civilians Of Lanakar 15

Delgon Priest – painted by Joe Karame

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 25 Tage

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