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2D6 Wargaming: 6mm Samurai Kickstarter

Sehr kleine Samurai suchen ein Zuhause.

2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 1


Hi, I’m Robert Fellows and you might know me from doing 6mm wargaming related reviews on YouTube, or perhaps you are familiar with my fantastic 2D6 Wargaming 6mm miniatures range.

For a while now 2D6 Wargaming has been sculpting 6mm Samurai. Our goal is to make the best and most comprehensive range we can with a focus on the later part of the Sengoku Jidai. The idea was to start with the basics and add things from there. Well, that didn’t work! It quickly got very out of hand and the range is now at 22 strips! Way bigger than any project we have dealt with before – and all in one go. Therefore we need your help!

Each infantry strip contains 4 figures and each cavalry strip contains 2 mounted figures. Each figure on a strip is a unique, hand-sculpted piece produced by our regular figure sculptor – Gero. There are no duplicates! In total the current range contains 80 unique miniatures: 67 foot figures, 8 mounted figures, 3 palisades, 1 cannon, 1 torii gate, 2 lion dog statues, 1 temple and 1 lantern (in a pack of 12)! This makes it the most complete and comprehensive 6mm samurai range to date!

2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 2

About the period

The models are concerned with the later part of the „Sengoku Jidai“ or in English, „The age of the country at war“ (1467 to 1615 AD). In a nutshell it’s a civil war in Feudal Japan.

During this time, Japan was ruled by an Emperor, who was thought of as a divine being. Divine beings have more to contemplate than the divine squabbles of men. So in a survival of the fittest type system, the Emperor let the ruling classes fight each other for control of provinces.

The upper classes of the Japanese feudal system allied, fought and betrayed one another in a bid to become the Shogun: the military ruler of all Japan.

All sides have the same kinds of troops and army makeup is largely down to the idiosyncrasies of the ruling lord of that clan, the daimyo.

Die Truppenauswahl des Kickstarters ist riesig, hier deshalb nur eine Auswahl:

2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 3 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 4 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 5 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 6 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 7 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 8 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 9 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 10 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 11 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 12 2D6 6mm Samurai By 2D6 Wargaming 13

Der Kickstarter ist finanziert und läuft noch 6 Tage.

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