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Wild West Exodus: Neue Preorders

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WWX Amber Clade Posse 01 WWX Amber Clade Posse 02 WWX Amber Clade Posse 03

Amber Clade Posse – 35,00 GBP

When the Watcher Hegemony arrives at a world they watch and assess the native sentient species to ascertain their compatibility with the wider galaxy. The same was true when they arrived at Earth. During their examination of a city and its human subjects, they discovered the huge untapped potential in the mental abilities of the species with only a small fraction of their brains used to control their bodies and store memories. Though they were forced to destroy the city, known as Atlantea, due to contamination by the Order, one of the human subjects was kept for further study. In their subsequent studies, they discovered humans have the potential within them for huge psionic manipulation. Though these skills lay dormant for almost all of the population, a few genetic lines are able to unlock the potential of their capabilities and harness energies to form objects through telekinesis or even change their physical shape.

Returning to Earth many centuries later, the Watchers brought with them the first example of a new Clade for the Hegemony – the Amber. The product of genetic resequencing the Amber Alpha, Jocasta as she prefers to be known in her dealings with other humans, is the epitome of human psychic development and a welcome addition to the Hegemony. Now more than ever the import of the Watcher mandate to save humanity from the Hex, the Order and their own destructive tendencies is clear. To fail would be to deny the galaxy their undoubted contribution in the centuries to come.

Jocasta is able to harness psychic energy, something that was never intended to be used in anger but the current situation has become desperate for the Watchers and desperate times calls for desperate measures. Only intended to be an example for deployment in test environments, the Amber alpha has been brought out of cryo-sleep and deployed with the remaining Watcher forces on the Earth. With so few of the other Clade Alphas surviving, her leadership and psionic talents are crucial.

Such a valuable and irreplaceable asset must be protected. Jocasta is often protected by Sentinels, bodyguard from the Vermilion Clade. Armed with deadly blades and rifles, these fierce warriors selflessly protect their charge, even at great risk to their own mortality.

In her efforts to mediate with the humans and undertake sensitive missions for the Watchers, the Amber Alpha often employs myriad of Grey Elites. As these talented Grey have been enhanced with Onyx and Viridian gene sequences to enhance their capabilities, they are able to employ a wide array of weaponry and equipment that are beyond the ability of their unmodified Clade genome.

The Amber Clade Posse kit builds seven multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Jocasta – The Amber Alpha
  • 4x Grey Elites
  • 2x Vermilion Sentinels
  • 7x Base

WWX Death From Above Posse 01 WWX Death From Above Posse 02 WWX Death From Above Posse 03

Death from Above Posse – 35,00 GBP

It is a long and taxing process for a Spirit Walker to physically transform their body. For those who have a capricious creature such as a hawk or snake for a companion spirit, the process is even more difficult. With their gift of flight, Alcon and his daughters are excellent scouts and a boon to the Warrior Nation.

Shortly after his first Spirit Walk, Alcon would soar above the Union outposts that were scattered through the tribal lands. In his youthful exuberance, he became brash and began to taunt the troops by flying ever closer to them. That particular stunt was his undoing as Bernard Hopkins, a keen-eyed rifleman, clipped his wings and sent him plummeting earthwards into the heart of a Union camp. Alcon was captured and imprisoned, kept in chains so that even after his wound had healed he was unable to take flight. He was beaten, interrogated and treated as a little more than a bird-freak by the Union troops. Eventually, he simply longed for death, not even the possibility of returning to his wife, son and three young daughters was enough to keep hope alive in his heart. His rescue by his friend Cloud Runner after weeks of searching for him, forged a life debt he can never repay.

Though his son walked a different path and fate would rob him of his wife, Alcon raised his daughters in the ways of the Peyasa Spirit Walkers. Now the four of them act as scouts and aerial sentries, often as the vanguard for Cloud Runner.

Ahota is the eldest of the three and is blessed with bountiful energy and an unrelenting drive, giving her the title – The Tireless. She is often the first in the air and the last on the ground. Next is Manama, who is quick to judge those who have wronged the Warrior Nation. She forgives mistakes slowly and forgets them even slower and is known as The Oath Keeper. The youngest daughter is Tiponi and her youth belies the white-hot vengeance in her soul, the anger at the death of her mother and misery heaped on the Warrior Nation. She is The Vengeful.

The Death from Above Posse kit builds four multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Alcon the Sky Spirit
  • 1x Ahota the Tireless
  • 1x Manaba the Oath Keeper
  • 1x Tiponi the Vengeful
  • 4x Base

WWX Red Oak Crematorium 01 WWX Red Oak Crematorium 02 WWX Red Oak Crematorium 03 WWX Red Oak Crematorium 04

Red Oak Crematorium – 30,00 GBP

Over recent years the profession of Undertaker has seen a significant increase in Red Oak. With all the conflicts in and around the town, the body count is rising steeply and the Crematorium furnace is ever lit.

This building is a fine addition to your Red Oak terrain collection and the first Wild West Exodus building to include a fully detailed interior.

This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains

  • 1x Red Oak „Scuffins & Sons“ Crematorium
  • Fully Detailed Interior, featuring;
    • Conveyor Belt to external Mulcher
    • 2 Levers
    • A ‚Tool Wall‘
    • Incineration Station
  • 2x Advertising Signs
    • „Second Hand Coffins, Dead Cheap“
    • „Ask Inside for Used Boots“
  • 4x Coffins
    • 2x Large Communal coffins
    • 2x Single Coffins
  • Assembly Instructions

Please note:

  • Scenery items are manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF).
  • Buildings are supplied primed and some assembly will be required.

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