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Konflikt ’47; Briten Neuheiten

Warlord Games spendiert den Briten von Konflikt ’47 ein wenig Verstärkung.

Warlord K47 British Merlin Heavy Walker 01 Warlord K47 British Merlin Heavy Walker 02 Warlord K47 British Merlin Heavy Walker 03 Warlord K47 British Merlin Heavy Walker 04 Warlord K47 British Merlin Heavy Walker 05

Konflikt 47: British Merlin heavy walker – 30,00 GBP

As the development of the Automated Infantry moved into the area of autonomous vehicles, the concept of merging human crews and automated processors was explored in depth by the British Rift-tech scientists.

The first battlefield ready result is the Merlin heavy walker. With a mixed human and automated crew, it combines the best of human reactions and decision making with automated sensors and weapon controls.

Unable to carry the fearsome 17pdr, the Merlin utilises the surplus M7 3” antitank guns from the older M10 tank destroyers giving it a respectable anti-tank capability. For anti-infantry defence and for targeting light vehicles it carries twin .50cal heavy machine guns on its left arm and an automated medium machine gun in the hull.

Maintaining the utility arms that are so popular with the crews of the smaller Grizzly, the Merlin is truly versatile and has taken Allied walker design to a new level.

Discover the full rules for the Merlin Heavy Walker on page 58 of ‚Defiance‚, a Konflikt’47 Supplement

Warlord K47 British Grenadiers 01 Warlord K47 British Grenadiers 02 Warlord K47 British Grenadiers 03

Konflikt 47: British Grenadiers – 20,00 GBP

n order to test new equipment and technology coming from the UK’s Rift-tech labs and workshops, the 7th Bn Grenadier Guards were seconded to the Rift Research Department in order to provide troops to trial new equipment and technology. Once initial trials were completed, platoons of the Battalion would deploy forward to test the equipment on the front line, often to the benefit of the infantry they were supporting, but occasionally proving a project a disappointing failure.

Over the past two years, the Battalion has developed a greater understanding of the weaponry at its disposal and is now considered an elite shock unit as much as an R&D unit. This, of course, fits nicely with the role the Grenadiers and the Guards Division has played in the British Army’s history.

Although technically still part of the Guard’s Division, the unit is often referred to as The Grenadiers, or more recently, the Rift Grenadiers.

Discover the full rules for the British Grenadier Section on page 48 of Resurgence‘, a Konflikt’47 Supplement.

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