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Knight Models: Batman 3. Edition Infos

Weitere Infos zur 3. Edition des Batman Spiels von Knight Models.

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Knight Models – 3rd Edition

Harley Quinn:

Harley Quinn returns once more to the streets of Gotham City, bringing her unique blend of violence and anarchy to upset the established order. Accompanying her ‘Mr. J’, Harley strives to spread chaos and discord while having the most fun possible. And no matter how many enemies she takes down, she does it with a sweet smile, because as she says: There’s always a wild side to an innocent face.

Harley’s acrobatic combat skills and her unhealthy obsession with the Joker’s wellbeing bring a new dimension to your crew. In addition, her sadistic streak makes her incredibly dangerous and unpredictable, giving the game the touch of madness it deserves…


The Gotham Police Department works tirelessly every day to protect the streets of a city torn apart by crime, corruption and megalomaniac killers.

Despite never knowing what dangers they will face, GCPD officers pin on their badges each and every day and take to the streets, determined to deliver justice and enforce the law.


A new edition of Batman Miniature Game? Yes, but …

Yes, but? Exactly, because in this Batman’s edition we have taken special care to think about everyone. The new box we show you will have a completely new collection of miniatures but, in addition, all the miniatures of our catalogue are fully compatible with the new rulebook. We want you back in Gotham!

Does that mean it is the same game? Not at all, even if that doesn’t mean that it will lose its identity. We have tried to enhance the aspects that most define Batman’s universe: mystery, intrigues, evil plans and heroes capable of making the greatest sacrifice.

All this mixed with a faster, more dynamic and lethal system. Easy to learn and teach, without losing the tactic so typical of our Bats. With the new Objectives decks you can customize the way your crew focuses the battle. Now the crews place Suspect markers that you will have to reveal or suffer their consequences. Plot cards will mark the way to carry out your plans.

In this edition the alleys have never been darker, the lights dimmer and the atmosphere gloomier. Besides, this is just the beginning of what we have to tell.

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