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Kings of War: Neuheiten

Mantic Games haben diverse Neuheiten in ihrem Shop.

MG Kings Of War 3rd Edition Uncharted Empires 1

Kings of War 3rd Edition Uncharted Empires – 24,99

Uncharted Empires contains 12 new army lists, and for the first time players have access to Army themes. These allow list variants of one of the games master lists and help add new flavor to an existing army to represent a different faction with similar roots. They are a great way to introduce the many sub-factions and players in the world to your games.

What’s in the book?

The background section explores the new factions in-depth, detailing their place and influence on the world of Pannithor.

The army lists section introduces 12 new armies to the game: The Brotherhood orders, Free Dwarfs, Salamanders, Sylvan Kin, The Herd, Kingdoms of men, The League of Rhordia, Ratkin & Ratkin slaves, Twilight Kin and Varangur.

Requires a copy of the Kings of War: Third Edition rulebook to play.

MG Kings Of War 3rd Edition Spell & Artefact Cards 1

Kings of War 3rd Edition Spell & Artefact Cards – 12,49

Kings of War 3rd Edition Spell & Artefact Cards

Updated for Third Edition this 61-card deck includes the rules for every spell and magic artefact from the new rulebook.

MG Kings Of War Scenario And Objective Set 1

Kings of War Scenario and Objective Set – 34,99

Kings of War is a mass-battle fantasy wargame set in the world of Pannithor. Rank upon rank of soldiers march into bloody combat, while winged demons battle fiery dragons overhead. From launching devastating bombardments of artillery, to tactically out-flanking your opponent’s forces, Kings of War is a game of exciting, expansive fantasy battle.

This product is currently on pre-order and will begin shipping 21st October


Designed to be used alongside the new scenarios in Third Edition, this a great set to help bring your games to life. Includes:

  • 7 x PVC plastic scenery objective markers
  • 10 x Acrylic Loot Counters
  • 10 x Acrylic Bluff Counters

MG Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Kings Of War Diorama 1

Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Kings of War Diorama – 39,99

This incredible resin diorama captures a dramatic battle between the Northern Alliance Clarion and the insidious Nightstalker Dream Hunter. The diorama comes with a resin base and both miniatures can be removed to use as Heroes in your games of Kings of War

Contains 1 Resin Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Kings of War Diorama.

MG Trident Realm Kraken 1 MG Trident Realm Kraken 2

Trident Realm Kraken – $44,99

The terrifying monster known as the Kraken forms the basis of many myths and legends that strike fear into the seafaring folk of all of the races of the world. When disturbed and angered, the biggest specimens can wrap themselves around the hull of even the largest warships and crush them into nothing but matchwood and flotsam.


1x Highly detailed Kraken (PVC and resin) and 1x 75mm square base.

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Requires Superglue.

MG Basilean Phoenix 1 MG Basilean Phoenix 2

Basilean Phoenix – 39,99

The phoenix is the symbol of Basilea: an emblem of rebirth, holy fire, and blazing fury. These semi-magical birds are summoned by the mages of Basilea to fight with the armies of the Hegemon. Phoenixes are vast birds of prey, part fire, and part feather, they are the favoured creature of the Shining One Fulgria, the goddess of fire, and legend states how they were created from her own sacred flames.


1x Highly detailed Resin Basilean Phoenix and 1x 75mm square base.

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Requires Superglue.

MG Northern Alliance Lord On Chimera 1

Northern Alliance Lord on Chimera – 44,99

Resin model, 75mm base


  • 1 x Resin Chimera and Lord
  • 75mm base

Miniature supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue.

MG Kings Of War Goblin Slasher 1

Kings of War Goblin Slasher – 39,99

A king’s most trusted, most skilled and experienced Snaggits are sent into a Slasher’s cave to tame these powerful reptiles. When they don’t come back out, the king sends in any old goblin to try and subdue it. Eventually, the Slasher will be dragged from its den, blinking and confused about the Sharpstick Thrower now clumsily strapped to its back.


1x Highly detailed resin Goblin Slasher

1x 75mm square base

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Requires Superglue.

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